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October/November, 2001
William Lee Rand, Editor
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It is my pleasure to send you the October/November, 2001 edition of our Reiki online newsletter. This online newsletter is being sent as an Email, but as soon as you click any of the links in the table of contents, it will open in your browser window making it easier for you to navigate. If this doesn't work, click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your web browser:

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Peace On Earth
by William Lee Rand

Wei Ji, the Chinese word for crisis, is created from the characters for danger and opportunity.  So it is that with every danger, an opportunity also presents itself.  One of the most important things to develop from the terrorist attacks is the tremendous connectedness that suddenly developed between people everywhere.  It seems that the destruction of the WTC, along with the deaths of so many innocent people, blew away a vale that was preventing us from being aware of the common bonds that link all of us on the planet.  Gone were the trivial concerns and the superficial worries and there, staring us in the face was a much more sensitive, caring and heart felt knowingness that life is both sacred and temporary. After this, just seeing another person at the supermarket or walking down the street, created a greater feeling of openness and appreciation and a real heart connection - even with strangers. 

Also, people all over the planet immediately began to pray for peace and send Reiki. Many reported having very powerful experiences and could feel the oneness of intent as so many joined together all over the planet to send help. This tremendous uplifting of hearts has created an energy field around the planet so powerful that it is attracting qualities of healing energy much higher than ever before. Many spiritual workers have reported this fact.

And so, because this higher, more powerful healing energy is available to us now, a new opportunity presents itself to us. Amazing things can happen! It is now possible to heal ourselves, others and to heal the planet more quickly and deeply than ever before. However, to take advantage of it, we must turn away from any tendency to feel anger, jealousy, hate or fear and to focus on the light.  We must lift our hearts up and focus on the new possibilities that present themselves to us now. I am talking about you, your life, right now!  A new level of consciousness is possible. As we open to positive change at the core level, we are transformed. This includes a new way of solving problems and dealing with life.  As we heal, we heal the planet. I invite you to tune into this opportunity and make it real.

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Healing Fear

by William Lee Rand

Fear is rarely useful and the events of September 11 and those that have continued to unfold challenge us to remain centered in our hearts and continue to live our lives in a meaningful way.  Allowing ourselves to dwell on worrisome thoughts or to remain caught in the grip of fear prevents us from living our lives resourcefully, making it difficult to find the best solutions to our own issues.  Fear also weakens our ability to send positive thoughts, prayers and Reiki to those in need and to take effective action.

Because of this, it is important that we first focus on our internal state and be aware of any fear that may exist.  For some, the fear is obvious, but for many, there may be a low-grade fear that lingers in the background and mostly goes unrecognized. By first being aware of your fear, you will then be able to use your healing skills to release it.

There are many techniques one can use to release fear. This one makes use of two Reiki II symbols.  First take a moment to do some introspection and become more aware of your internal state.  Look for any fear(s) that may exist and see if you can localize this energy to any one part of your body or energy field.  Then draw the emotional/mental symbol on your hands, followed by the power symbol and treat the area you have discovered.  At the same time, repeat a positive affirmation.  Use ones like this or create your own:  “I release all fear into the light and it is gone forever.”  Or, “I am always centered in the light and completely let go of all fear now.”

As you do this, you may notice your attention changing from events taking place now to things that have happened in the past.  This is an opportunity to heal more deeply and to release those deeper fears as well.  Just continue with the process as these deeper fears come up.  By doing this, you will be transforming a challenging situation into a positive healing experience. Do this as often as needed.  This technique can also be used to treat others. 

By remaining centered in positive thoughts and feelings and allowing yourself to feel joy and peace, you will be helping those around you and be in a better place to send healing for others and for the planet. Remember, you are powerful, you are strong and you are centered in the light!

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World Reiki Healing Groups
by William Lee Rand

One of the important features of Reiki is the ability to send it to others and to situations at a distance. This is especally important now with all the issues that have developed from the Sept. 11 attack. Rather than simply feeling helpless, we can send Reiki and make a real difference in how events develop in the world. The world is in a state of flux right now and there are many possiblities and directions things can take. If we send Reiki to world events including the leaders who are making important decisions, we can support Reiki like changes in the world. This can turn things around so we end up living in a world with greater safety and with greater unity between religions, ethnic groups and nations. Already we can see this taking place between many countries that were not so closely aligned before the crisis. A great opportunity presents itself to us now.

So I suggest that you, do what many are currently doing and either join a Reiki group or start one and meet regularly to send Reiki for world peace. The group can be made up of just you and one other person at first or you could get up to 6 or more. The important thing is for each member of the group to make a commitment to meet once a week and to do so without fail. You can focus on specific events or leaders, or simply on the goal of world peace.

There are many benefits to such a group. In addition to contributing to global healing, you will also gain a greater sense of peace in your own life and find that many of your personal issues will be resolved more easily. This is a wonderful thing to do and I encourage you to begin immediately. Right now, think of one or more Reiki people who you would like to work with and call or Email them right now. Pick a night and a time and a place to meet and start as soon as possible.

Please let me know about your success and your experiences and I will publish them in future editions.

Thanks for making a difference.

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Afghan Children
by William Lee Rand

Afghanistan has suffered through twenty years of war, three years of drought, the oppressive rule of the Taliban and now the current bombing by the US and others. This has had a profoundly debilitating effect on the children of Afghanistan. Most of them have witnessed unspeakable atrocities. Many have seen one or more of their parents tortured and killed. Others have had bombs explode near or in their homes. Many are homeless, others have been crippled by bombs or land mines. On the average, one in very two children is malnourished and one in four is likely to die of preventable causes by the age of five. More that 1 million Afghan children have been born over the last 12 months and there is now a current crisis in which 400,000 children could die this winter from cold and malnourishment unless they receive help.

It is with the greatest urgency that I request you send Reiki to help the situation. It is clear to myself and others who have sent Reiki that they are very receptive to it. The loving, nurturing feelings that Reiki provides is very much in need by these children who are in need of healing on all levels. Also, those who are working to provide aid and the entire situation in general will benefit by the miracles Reiki can provide. So, as you prepare for this coming Thanksgiving and the holiday season, please take some time to reach out with your loving Reiki hands and help.

I have researched the aid agencies who are helping the children of Afghanistan and if you would like to make a donation, I believe the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is one of the best ones to give donations to. They have been helping the Afghan children for years and currently have a well organized program in place. They have a special fund set up just for the children of Afghanistan. You can make a donation online, by phone or through the mail. As you make your donation, send Reiki with it and this will help the money work even more effectively. Will you join me in sending financial aid to help the children of Afghanistan?

To make a dontation

Besure to check the box marked "Emergency Operations for Afghan Refugees."

To learn more about UNICEF's work for Afghan children

USA Today Article on Afghan Children

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Hoax Email Warnings

By now you have likely received the Email about the friend of a friend who got a warning from a boy friend about 9/11 and is now warning about a shopping mall terrorist attack on Halloween.

Of course we all know know that this Email was a hoax.

Email hoaxes are being passed around.  Many seem plausible and because of this, continue to get passed on.  However, if a warning is based on a hoax, it creates unnecessary fear and takes our attention away from real issues.   

If you receive an Email warning, before passing it on, I suggest you see if it is listed on the below web site.  They investigate Email warnings and other Email stories to determine if they are valid and then report the facts. If you discover that an Email warning you have received is a hoax, you will be able to send back the facts to the same Email list and also let them know about this web site.

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Healing Grounding Problems with Rainbow Reiki
by Walter Lübeck, creator of Rainbow Reiki.

Grounding problems have occurred for some people during or after Reiki treatments. While this rarely happens, if it does, it is good to have a method for dealing with it. Also, ability to ground ones energy at other times is valuable. Being ungrounded can cause symptoms like spontaneous headaches, dizziness, nausea, spontaneous pains or difficulty orienting normally in space and time.

Whenever these kinds of problems occur you can use some simple Rainbow Reiki techniques to harmonize the flows of energy. Then the symptoms will quickly fade away.

1. Use Reiki at the soles of both feet. Increase the flow of Reiki by using the power symbol and it’s mantra.
2. If this won’t work, use Reiki to both knees and both ankles. By applying the power symbol and its mantra also this technique will work more effectively.
3. Balance both hemispheres of the brain by using Reiki on the temples.
4. Balance the 6 main chakras by applying Reiki on the 1st and 6th, then on the 2nd and 5th, and at last on the 3rd and 4th.

Please make sure that after using the techniques explained in point 3. and 4. the techniques described in point 1 and 2 should be applied for some time. Some physical labor, sports, having some food and walking around with bare feet also will increase the abilities of the body to ground itself. Alcohol, tobacco products and other drugs, fasting and all kind of energy work which concentrates on the head should be avoided if grounding problems occur.
Visit Walters web site at

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One Million Visits!

Our Reiki web site at received its one-millionth visit at 9:05PM on October 29.  Since the site went up in 1995, we have experienced an ever-increasing number of visits.  This has been at least partially caused by our continuous focus on adding articles and features that support everyone in their practice of Reiki.  The site now has about 350 pages and over 140 articles covering every aspect of Reiki.  Our bulletin board, Reiki audio and slide shows, free downloadable hard copy Reiki News, Reiki classes, teachers supplies, downloadable Reiki class outlines and other forms and Reiki web store have been a few of the other features that have added to the popularity of our site. 

During this time we have seen the Reiki community change and grow . We are glad to be in a position to help and look forward to the years to come and all the wonderful changes and growth that will unfold for everyone.

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Reiki Class in Japan
by William Lee Rand

Many of you received my invitation to go to Japan to take Reiki training from Mrs. Yamaguchi and her son Tadao. The trip took place and we are back! We had eleven people in the group and all of us had a great time. We visited the Usui memorial in Tokyo and then traveled to Kyoto for the training and to visit Mt. Kurama.

Mrs. Yamaguchi received all her Reiki training including master level directly from Dr. Hayashi. She is 80 years old and has been practicing Reiki over 60 years. The class was called Jikiden Reiki which means "Original Teaching" and is based on what Mrs. Yamaguchi learned from Dr. Hayashi as well as additional information Tadao san learned by interviewing a number of Dr. Hayashi's surviving students. Most of Mrs. Yamaguchi's family members had Reiki and they invited Dr. Hayashi to teach at their home twice a year. Mrs. Yamaguchi ended up becoming Dr. Hayashi's assistant and because of this had a wonderful learning experience! Below is a picture of myself, Mrs. Yamaguchi and the translator, Hyakutan Inamoto.

Reiki and Coaching

by Stephanie Brail

A powerful way to create positive life change is to combine Reiki with coaching. A personal coach (also called a life coach) is someone who supports you in setting and making life goals. I decided to combine coaching with Reiki, because when I first started receiving Reiki treatments, I had a lot of energy movement happening, and didn't know how to direct it. Using a coach helped me to define where I wanted to go with all this new energy! I also find that as a coach, my clients make progress much more quickly when they are receiving Reiki treatments (even distant Reiki treatments).

Coaching is a profession that has recently gotten the attention of the public, but most people aren't that clear on what a coach really is. My definition is: A coach is someone who works with people on achieving their dreams. It's not therapy or counseling, but goal-setting, block-clearing, and dream-manifesting. Not all coaches approach coaching from a spiritual basis, and in fact, very successful coaching can happen without a spiritual component whatsoever. However, many coaching clients come to coaching because something is "missing" from their lives, and often that missing piece is a connection with the spiritual.

By offering Reiki with coaching, the client receives energetic clearing while consciously working on manifesting the life of their dreams. This combination, whether done in person or over the telephone, can be a very powerful means of achieving life changes for clients.

Coaches currently do not need to be certified or even professionally trained to become a "coach." Many books, websites, and organizations are available for those who want to learn how to become a coach, although my advice is that the best way to learn how to be a coach is to be coached yourself.

I have started a mailing list for people who want to learn more about coaching and Reiki. You can sign up for this list at:

Stephanie Brail, Reiki Master and Life Coach

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Email to the editor

Dear Mr. Rand, Thank you for your article in the newsletter about how the quality of Reiki changed and increased in the last week. When you sent out the call to us to send Reiki I did exactly as suggested, as often as I could. It was amazing how strong and different that energy felt from what I had experienced before. I only discovered Reiki a few months ago and have had some wonderful results, but what happened in the last week surprised me. It felt powerful and different and terrific and left me with sense that we can collectively truly make a difference, more than we have ever imagined. It is difficult for me to put into words but I suspect you understand what I mean. Thank you for your insights, your wonderful newsletter and your books. You have done so much to bring Reiki to a world which desperately needs healing. We are all seeing the world through different eyes now, but perhaps we can bring some hope and peace back with this gift we share. Warmest Regards, Kristi Vaughn Palm Springs CA

Dear William: You'll never have an idea of how happy I am now to be able to send you this email. I have read your book A Healing Touch and listened to the cassettes included. They are wonderful and very exciting. I especially enjoyed the experience you told about the Kahuna! All I can say is that (words would never be enough) you've come a very long way. Hope I'll be able to do the same or at least part of it. I am very grateful and shall ever be, that you created the Reiki Center. its a really great idea of having an online community of Reiki people, where information is easily accessible. Reiki did answer my prayer!
With love + light Anuradha from Mauritius (Indian Ocean)

Dear Master Rand & Co., The arrival of the Sept. '01 NL in my email box is proof that, timing truly is Divine. I can't thank you enough for all that you do & for the healing sanctuary of your website. After the attacks on 911, was the first place I turned where I could actually be proactive. Since then, the site has been my port during this storm for self-healing & revived inspiration as a Reiki Master. My heart is renewed after participating in the global healing forums. After 3yrs. "underground," I feel deeply empowered to re-emerge & courageously live as an "emissary of peace" on this planet. Thank you for a safe & loving place to begin again.
Reiki on! Gassho, Fran Staret

Dear William, I am a South African who has been passionately swept away by Reiki for the past year. Your website & newsletters are inspiring & I just wanted to convey deep gratitude for this. I think that the work you are doing is amazing & I know of many people here who are linking up to your site. The Reiki Association of South Africa has recently been established & a website is in the process of being set up. I find it rewarding to watch global Reiki develop at all levels.
Thanks again for the inspiration, regards, Claudine

Just to say that it has been wonderful to receive your emails filled with light and support and knowing that my mediations and my own work on myself, with and through light, makes a difference. That the feeling I have had of greater light focussed on the planet is felt by so many. I am from Chicago and have lived in England for 20 years - it is good to be connected, the world over. with love and blessing.
Janet Hanson Rant

Dear Reiki friends: Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to send Reiki to the crystal grids at the North and South Pole. I was so very sad to hear the news regarding the terrible atrocity in New York but I felt I was actually doing something to help thanks to your e-mail. Here in England people have been going to Church to say prayers for the people in America and also laying flowers in town centres.
Thank you. Stephanie I just wanted to take a few moments to drop u a line and thank u for the inspiration and wisdom in your books. I have felt the "pull to heal" for many years and like so many people, I have not quite been sure what modality of healing would be right for me ..the native American portion of me always cheered for Shamanism ..and my third eye always yelled Rei ki what I am doing is a combination of both to u and Walter for making me no longer feel as though I was a freak for combining healing methods I am still plugging away at classes here and will be certified at level 2 this coming wkend ..when I was taking level 1, my teacher recommended that I buy-and read- The Spirit of Reiki  ..I am glad that I did because I was looking for something deeper than a day class for certification and I found it with the guidance of  someone even if only on paper)-who had done some work with mixed modes of healing -and there u and Walter were- Walter with shamanism no less ... .smile..and I wanted a reference point on where to go now so that I can best use my teachers knowledge and be a true Reiki student and practitioner instead of someone who plunks their money down, takes 3 one day classes and ta-da! now I am a Master-but of what? intend on studying my behind off between 2nd and 3rd and in part using the great resources that u, Walter and Frank have out there so that I can hopefully someday teach as well (and ..god forbid write my own book one day ~wink~)
So thank u very very much for sharing your gift and your knowledge means a lot to me
Chris Elizondo

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Reiki Stories

Dear William: I received my master reiki attunement almost two years ago, and I almost feel uncomfotable calling myself a "master" because reiki is always teaching me something new! Everytime I've ever done reiki to myself or others my hands have always become very hot, and everyone else who's done reiki to me have always had hot hands as well. My assumption was that reiki energy always comes through as that warm sensation but I had an experience that taught me otherwise... About a year ago I was reading a book in bed and my lamp was just above my head, but had no cover on it; I was getting pretty tired so I reached above my head without looking to turn out the light and burned my finger on the bulb. The pain was unbearable, so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed an ice cube to put on my finger to ease the pain. But I kept melting the ice cubes within a matter of minutes, and finally was too tired to go get another ice cube. The problem was as soon as I took the ice cube away, there was a shooting pain going straight up my arm, and my finger still continued to feel as if I had just burned it all over again. I then decided to try reiki on my finger, but was a little hesitant because I thought my hand would get hot and make my finger even more painful. To my surprise my hand that was channeling reiki got extremely cold! The energy felt so cold, in fact, that it felt as if I still had an ice cube on my finger. The pain went away within about 30 seconds, and I finally was able to fall asleep. The next day I had a large blister on my finger from the burn, so I took a rose quartz stone that I happened to have, and put reiki into the stone and asked for it's help to heal the blister. That same night I looked at my finger and the blister was completely gone! I couldn't even tell where the burn had been. It was amazing for me to experience the power of reiki in that way, and taught me never to have any expectations about what reiki can do or how it works!
Sincerely, Jolene Smith

Dear Mr.Rand: I do not know how to thank you adequately for introducing this wonderful method to me and to my members of the family who were skeptical to begin with. You might ask why I am thanking you when you have not met me or talked to me. I belong to your proud lineage having been attuned recently by Reiki Master Somorendra Mukherjee Sharma of Imphal, Manipur,India. Somo is a gem of the rarest species. Sometime ago during a visit to Imphal- a remote northeastern part of India- I fell a victim to severe stomach cramps which no allopathic medicine would cure.It was Somo who by a mere flash of his energetic hands eliminated the problem. Since then he has been perusading me to understand Reiki in all its dimensions He sacrificed his time to come down to Chennai- a distance of about 3000kms- to induct me to Reiki. I am now a Reiki I and II Channel. Also the power of Reiki was not lost on me. He gave me distant healing during my recent cataract surgery. As a diabetic,my sugar levels were hovering around 250 mg/l despite 20 unis of Insulin twice a day. Therefore the surgery had a risk element and the doctors were reluctant to go ahead. The day prior to surgery,however, the sugar dipped to 140 and even when Insulin was discontinued on doctors orders for surgical reasons, the sugar never went above 110 mg/l. I thought it was a remarkable turnaround at a time when I was keen that I should have the surgery done.The surgery was a success. I am now fairly well convinced that Reiki has acted through Somo-my friend,philosopher and guide. My grateful thanks to Reiki and the Ascended Masters.
Chakravarti, India.

Hello, An update on my Reiki student I asked all of you to send Reiki to a couple of weeks ago. I saw her today and have some information to share with all of you. When I initially made the request to all of you, I had not known the extent of the calcification of her aorta. Today I found out that it was 75% blocked! Her physician sent her to get a CT scan (which was scheduled a couple of weeks after all of us had begun sending Reiki to her). The physicians were puzzled when they read the CT scan as her aorta results were essentially negative - only minimally calcified. This is something that can be managed by vasodilators and puts her out of the immediate danger zone. She was VERY happy with the results and thanked me and wanted me to also thank all of you for the Reiki you sent to her. I thank you all, too, from the bottom of my heart. If you don't mind to continue to send her Reiki and lets see if the remainder of the calcification will "go away".
With light, love, and peace, Sandy

Dear Mr. Rand: I am excited to tell you what happened to me today morning around 6.00 am Indian time. I have an inverter (UPS) connected to a battery.I heard a loud noise like click-click-click continuosly, non-stop. I went to the UPS to see what is wrong with it. UPS was on off position. I immediately thought off Reiki, and started giving Reiki to the Invertor (UPS) for about 30 minutes, and to add to my frustration, it was not working, I started getting upset and did not know what to do, and stated feeling that how can I face my students in my Reiki classes. To my surprise, my hand was guided to the Battery and to the battery terminal. To my surprise I was guided to one of the terminal which was going to Inverter (UPS) and found it was cut-off from the Battery, that was the reason for the loud noise from the Inverter (UPS). I got it reconnected to the terminal and everything was normal. Immediately I gave in myself to Reiki and did Reiki on self. To day I can explain this to students who are coming to participate in My Reiki classes. Immediately after this happened and I thought of you, hence this email.
Best regards R. Palakkal

Dear William: I am the coordinator of Waskita Reiki Foundation branch of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia (foundation that especially teach of Reiki G'tummo). I am very interested in socialisation of Reiki to others. Why ? Because, I myself (also my family) have directly feel the positive impact of Reiki. Since I've attuned for Reiki I on October 2000, Reiki II on July 2001, and Personal mastery on September 2001, I feel great great of my health, thinking, emotion, etc. Many of my friends often ask me, why do you always look on 'ON' condition ? I just give them smile, and starting to give them information about reiki as much as I can. They seem (and of course sure) interested in reiki. So that I openned the Reiki Clinic on Fridays and Saturdays (twice a week), to share Reiki with others. It is openned for public and free of charge. I also try to socialise Reiki in a few social event (for example: celebrating independence day at my office - I am a government employee). We (I and my team) used to give a free reiki healing in that moment, mass system, not one by one. We invite people from surrounding and related institutions. One day, I invited head of Center of Community Health, we call it as Puskesmas - Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (small hospital - district hospital). Surprisingly, She is very interested in Reiki system. She ask for us to regularly practice reiki in her hospital. Her reason that Reiki doesn't against medical system, it is paralled. I agree, and now, we set up reiki healing practice at this hospital once a week, every friday morning from 10 - 11 am. We are very happy facing the doctor like her, moderate, so we can join together.
Bugi Kabul Sumirat (Mr.)

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