Healing Relationships With Reiki

by Laurelle Gaia

As we progress on our journey through life, many opportunities are presented to develop relationships with other people. When we are small children, we form our relationship with ourself, our parents, siblings and other family members. When we go to school we add our friends, peers, and teachers to our lives. As young adults, romantic relationships often become the focus. If we choose to marry, or otherwise commit ourselves to another person, the romantic relationship brings us almost back to the beginning, as we now have new family members and friends to relate with.

Reiki is a very effective tool to assist in creating and nurturing successful relationships in your life. The first step is to recognize that each relationship is a living creation. It is a special blend of energies between people. Once you recognize the relationship as a life form, it becomes much easier to detach your thoughts and emotions and be able to serve as a channel of healing energy which is directed tothe relationship.

When there is an imbalance in a relationship, it is very often rooted in power issues, and/or fear. The first step in healing a relationship with Reiki is to identify the areas of weakness or imbalance. You need to focus on the action of identifying these areas. It is often helpful to select an object, that can physically represent the relationship. Items like pictures, crystals, or gifts the parties have given to each other can serve very effectively in this role.

The purpose of selecting an object is to more clearly focus the healing energy when you are working on the relationship, and to give you a point of reference to visualize when conflicts arise. For example you may wish to select a quartz cluster to represent your family relationship with your parents, or a tantric twin crystal for a life partner. By selecting the object to use in your meditations and healing work, you can bring the energy of it to you through visualization by simply thinking of the object.

Often there are weaknesses in relationships that produce symptoms which are very much on the surface, and only glimpses of the real issues. As The Course in Miracles teaches us; "I am never angry for the reason I think I am." We attract relationships into our lives to assist with our growth. A very common way this happens is for a person who faces lessons of power and control to select a relationship with either a very controlling, or a very docile person. Learning to bring this energy into balance is vital for the relationship to survive, or to transform peacefully.

To determine the issues you need to work on to heal your relationship, select the object which represents the relationship. Find a special place to keep it, an altar, a table or shelf, where you can keep other items away from it so the energy field is not disrupted. If you want to carry your object with you keep it in a special carrying case, or perhaps a scarf. Find a quiet time and place where you will not be interrupted by the telephone, or other people. Sit or stand before the object in a comfortable position, and create a prayer of intent. Something like;

"Creator, Infinite Spirit, Mother Father God, I request the presence of the Angels and Archangels of Healing, my Reiki guides and forces, and the purest and most holy spiritual guides. I ask that these energies gather with me at this time for the purpose of healing the relationship of (name all parties involved). I ask that I be guided to determine the imbalances in the relationship, and that the lessons needed be made clear so all concerned may grow with Divine Love. Thank you for this guidance. Amen."

Then draw all the Reiki symbols you are attuned to over the object, and invoke the sacred name of each symbol three times as you draw them. (If you are a Reiki I practitioner you can do this without the symbols) Then draw the symbols on your palms, crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras. When this process is complete ask the Reiki energy to flow fully and completely through you for the purpose of clarity and healing this relationship. Let the energy flow as long as you feel it. The first time you empower the object it is good to try to allow at least 30 minutes for this work. Subsequent work can be accomplished sometimes in 5 minutes, but try to allow at least 15.

When you feel the process is complete seal it in Divine Love and Healing. It is very important to then acknowledge the healing that has taken place by giving thanks to all the guides and forces which assisted you, and send Reiki back to them. This is to balance the energies between you and your guides, and to create a complete acknowledgment within your entire spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being that your prayer has been answered and the healing has taken place. This signals to your mental and emotional being to be aware on the conscious level when issues present themselves in the relationship, that they are being offered as opportunities to heal. As each and every issue comes up ask why it is presented to you, what is the source of your discomfort with it, and how can you perceive it in a positive light?

You will be presented with the answers in many forms, so be open and aware. God speaks to us in infinite ways.

Often problems in relationships are simply related to the perspective in which we see things. We each live in our own Perspective Reality, based on our experiences. When we can step into another's Perspective Reality and see the situation through their eyes, based on knowledge of their experiences, it is much easier to understand one another. When we understand something, we no longer fear it, and our relationship is healed. Remember, Reiki always produces results on some level, and no prayer goes unanswered. Wishing you much peace and joy in all your relationships.

In the Light of the Creator ...We See Only Love