Reiki News Magazine Writer's Guidelines

The following ideas and guidelines are meant to assist you in writing your article.

  1. If you would like to write an article for Reiki News Magazine and have an article idea, contact William Rand and let him know you are interested in writing an article. Send an outline of your proposed article, sample paragraphs and/or provide a general description of your article. Please include samples of previously written articles or web links to them if you have them. Contact William by email at
  2. Read through several back issues of the magazine to get an idea of the type of articles we publish. We publish only articles about Reiki or on how to use Reiki with other modalities. Articles must be truly useful and helpful to the reader. Inspire them, show them how to use Reiki more effectively, give them a better understanding of Reiki, include stories about people who have been healed or have used Reiki effectively, explain new facts about the history or explain some specific or general research project etc.
  3. Include historical and background information. As an example, if writing about Reiki and yoga, include a brief description of yoga, its history and who some its prominent teachers have been
  4. Include facts, dates, important peoples, names etc.
  5. Include examples in your article to show how your ideas or techniques have worked in the real world to create positive results.
  6. Include quotes from other famous writers where appropriate.
  7. Include pictures, diagrams, graphics, charts etc. that would be helpful and interesting to the reader. Photos need to be large enough for hard copy printing.  Internet size photos cannot be accepted. Send photos/graphics as separate files. Please don't embed in MS Word documents. Contact with technical questions regarding image quality and formatting.
  8. Use an uplifting style that inspires hope and shows how Reiki can solve problems and improve ones life.
  9. If you would like to write about a special Reiki technique or method, only use techniques that have been in use for some time and have proven themselves to be of value. This way, you will be more likely able to include examples of how this technique has worked and how it has helped others.
  10. We do not publish articles solely because they have been channeled regardless of the source.  Channeled material can be used as long as the ideas and techniques included in the article have been tested by a number of people and proven to be useful.
  11. Do not copy and paste text from your own previously written articles. This is not good writing technique and is considered self-plagiarism. You can use ideas from your previous articles, but it must be new writing.
  12. If you use someone else's ideas, give them credit.
  13. Length: 1500 to 2500 words, although shorter articles are also welcome. MSWord is preferred. Send your article in by attached file.
  14. Do not include information about your books or classes in your article. The focus of your article should not be to promote you or your work, but to provide useful information to the reader. Remember, your contact information including your email and web site will be included at the end of the article and people can learn all about these things directly at your web site. Also, remember that if you are included in the contributors section - and most writers are, we usually include your accomplishments including your training background, books you have written etc.
  15. Include a head shot photo of yourself and your bio including your background with Reiki and your Reiki training.
  16.  Make sure to include your name as author in the article along with your email address.
  17. Remember to call on Reiki to help you write your article. This can include using Reiki to help you find a good topic, create an outline, do research and fact gathering, and the actual writing.
  18. We do not provide payment for articles published.  However, the authors contact information will be included at the end of each article (unless the author requests this not be done). This can include email address, phone and fax numbers, and website address. In addition, most authors will appear in the contributors section which will also include a picture and accomplishments such as books written, Reiki lineage or background, other pertinent training, Reiki Center name etc. along with your contact information. In addition we'll send you free copies of the magazine and provide you with a pdf file of your article which will allow you to make copies to give to clients.  You'll also be able to post your article on your web site. Writing for the Reiki News Magazine is a great way to promote your Reiki practice!
  19. We appreciate that you have put a lot of time into your writing and that it is special and personal and contains your unique expression.  However, it's important for you to keep in mind that even the most talented writers work with an editor to help them fine tune their writing and to edit for grammar, punctuation, length, clarity, organization, flow, theme continuity and fact checking.  In most cases, we'll work with you in the editing process and attempt  to maintain your original meaning and intent.  We  have almost always found that at least some editing is necessary. Therefore, by sending in your article to us, you give us permission to edit it.
  20. Sending articles, letters and emails to Reiki News Magazine or Vision Publications, Inc. authorizes their use and publication in whole or in part in any format by Vision Publications, Inc. and William L. Rand Company Inc. and its designees. Letters and emails become property of Reiki News Magazine.

Article Submission Deadlines and Issue Publish Dates

Spring issue, submission December 1, published March 1
Summer issue, submission March 1, published June 1
Fall issue, submission June 1, published September 1
Winter issue, submission September 1, published December 1

Honoring All Lineages and Schools

Our philosophy is to honor all lineages and schools of Reiki. This means that we acknowledge that each person has the right to study and practice the style of Reiki he or she is guided to practice. And that the right style for each to practice is the style they have chosen to practice. Students also have the right to study other styles of Reiki and to change lineages, schools or styles of Reiki they practice. We also acknowledge that anyone can start a new lineage or school of Reiki according to his or her own guidance and decision. In this way we honor all lineages and schools of Reiki.

However, in the publication of the Reiki News Magazine, we have the responsibility to publish information about Reiki that is accurate and dependable.  Because of this we have done extensive evidence based research into the history and practice of Reiki. In accepting articles for the magazine and in the editing process, we make use of this research in determining what articles and information are published. Because of this, we may not be able to publish all articles that are submitted and otherwise will work with the author to review his or her information so as to bring it into alignment with evidence based research.

Article Ideas

Below are some possible ideas for articles, although they are not meant to limit what you could write about.

Inspirational Articles
These could include stories where Reiki has created unusually positive healings or benefits.

Informative Articles
These could include techniques or methods of using Reiki or unique or interesting and effective ways to promote a Reiki practice. How to use Reiki for specific illnesses or situations. How to use Reiki with other methods or systems. How to use Reiki with children or with the elderly or other special people or situations. Reiki in hospitals, or by doctors or EMS, or with the military or police or in prisons or in war or crisis situations, or sports, education or artistic endeavors or in any context or situation where Reiki is helpful. Interesting facts about the history of Reiki. Scientific research.