Supporting Social Diversity

The world is undergoing turbulent change and growth into a new era of human history. We have the opportunity to choose our future today by revealing the powerful love that is present in our human spirit. As we make this choice, we will be calling forth the best of our shared humanity on behalf of all people and all life on earth. 

At this time, awareness of social inequity has reached a critical level inspiring us to change. As leaders in the international Reiki community, we recognize our opportunity for Reiki to empower us to heal the self-destructive patterns and the generational wounds of systemic social injustice and systems of oppression perpetrated against BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other suppressed people in the United States, and around the world. We invite Reiki to heal the collective injuries of all people with Divine Justice and Divine Love. We invite the followers of all the world’s religions and spiritual paths to work together to create peace among all people on earth.  

We at the ICRT are listening and working with BIPOC* Reiki practitioners for the actions the ICRT can take that best supports them and their Reiki practices and businesses. We also want to ensure that these systemic changes and conversations include other underrepresented groups, including but not limited to LGBTQ+, Latinx, and persons with disabilities. Our intention has been and will continue to be that the ICRT will be a safe, respectful, and welcoming space for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, genders, national origins, religions, and sexual orientations.

We pledge to do the following:

  1. Listen to gain understanding and create solutions. 
  2. Hold conversations with Reiki practitioners of underrepresented groups on how we can support and amplify their Reiki practices and businesses to reach more people in their communities. 
  3. Develop empowerment-driven, diverse representation on our social media platforms, website, marketing materials, and Reiki News Magazine to serve multiple communities better. 
  4. Develop professional materials and guidance with business practices that help promote diverse communities.
  5. Institute policy changes that address systemic inequities.
  6. Communicate more about our existing ICRT global outreach in other countries. 
  7. Use Reiki to grow, heal, listen, learn, and change. 
  8. Use Reiki to empower, include, and unify all people everywhere. 

The nature of Reiki energy is inclusive of all life on earth. It naturally guides us to creative solutions and new possibilities that express the complete acceptance of all people. We are called at this moment to use our Reiki-empowered skills to address and heal social injustice wherever it exists. This route is the path of love, and we are honored to take part in it.

Reiki Heals and Empowers

Reiki can help heal the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental issues of our times. Below are some of the ways we can use Reiki to promote the healing process in society and move into the energy of empowerment and inclusiveness. 


  • Heal ancestral trauma in the oppressed and the oppressors.
  • Dive deep into unconscious racist feelings and racial bias and allow them to heal.
  • Reveal and express your authentic truth, inner authority, and personal beauty. 
  • Practice unity and allyship among all groups of people.


  • Release physical tension and discomfort.
  • Release stress and anxiety. 
  • Empower your strength, stamina, endurance.


  • Develop Reiki-guided empathy. 
  • Heal unhealthy judgments and biased opinions.
  • Move from overwhelm to clarity.


  • Heal barriers to listening and empowered learning.
  • Identify problems and replace them with solutions.
  • Define your role and take action.

We have global opportunities to unify people who contribute to the wellness of the world today and for future generations. As we learn from and teach the next generation, we will show that the practice of Reiki is an effective modality for BIPOC and underrepresented communities and that the ICRT is an organization that stands for equity.

*BIPOC is an acronym that stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning. Latinx is a gender-neutral term used in lieu of Latino or Latina to refer to a person of Latin decent.