Reiki, Skepticism and Success - Nurse's Story

by Denise Rossignol, LPN

I am a nurse and was originally very skeptical about what Reiki could do for me.

I learned Reiki for my own benefit as I had disabling migraines, rheumatoid arthritis and allergies. I was not a very spiritual person, so I was unsure how or why Reiki would work for me.

It does help my various medical conditions, but I think the most important part it plays is in how I deal with my burdens. I no longer let them have control of me (most of the time) and that makes life easier all around.

However, the most exciting Reiki experience I had was when a co-worker was attempting to become pregnant through invitro fertilization. Although she had been successful with this once three years earlier and she had many failed attempts and had to go through rigorous preparation for this last try.

I offered to send her Reiki. I also asked her to leave a picture of herself with me. I prepared to send her some Reiki at the time of her procedure, however I was overcome with the sense that they were running late. So I sent my Reiki when I felt it was right. I also had an immediate feeling that she was pregnant.

As they say the rest is history. She just had a baby girl. Talk about transforming around a skeptic! It did make me feel wonderful though!!! Thank you for sharing my story.