BOOK REVIEW Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui

(A review of the book Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui by Frank Arjava Petter)

review by Beth Simmons Stapor

The information we have received in the West about the history of Dr. Usui and the beginnings of Reiki have been a combination of myth and tradition. Frank Arjava Petter has undertaken the quest to research and publish the truths of Reiki based on his research in Japan.

Arjava lives in Japan with his Japanese wife and has made contact with several members of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - the organization Dr. Usui started. From these contacts and other research, he has a put together a great deal of new information concerning Dr. Usui, how he taught and practiced Reiki.

One amazing discovery is that Dr. Usui had a handbook he gave to his students. Petter wrote "Reiki Fire" in 1997 which included many facts about the history of Reiki. In "Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui", Petter continues to bring forth the most current information on Reiki.

I learned a great deal from reading this book. The part that was most meaningful to me was the section that was a translation of a manuscript found in July of 1997. The title of the manuscript was Reiki Ryoho Hikkei (Reiki Healing Handbook).

Usui Sensei states, "In times like these, the happiness of humanity is based on working together and the desire for social progress. This is why I would never allow anyone to possess it (Reiki) just for himself!... Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the divine, which results in the body and soul becoming unified. In this way (with Reiki), a great many people will experience the blessing of the divine. First of all, our Reiki Ryoho is an original therapy, which is built upon the spiritual power of the universe. Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased." He also includes a questions and answers section.

Usui Sensei wrote it about 75 years ago. He used it as a handbook that was given to all of his students at that time. It was very moving for me to read words from Usui Sensei. I would like to leave you with a quote from the book. Frank Petter says: "Now that we have finally found our Reiki roots, it's time for us to reach our arms toward the light together."

And so it is, blessed be, Amen.