My Dog's Healing

by Melinda DeBoer

Zeke is my thirteen year old dog. He is part golden retriever and part something big and black. When you see him you might think he is a bear. He is big, beautiful, and people can't believe he is thirteen. Zeke has been developing osteoscarcoma tumors since 1995. I was told then, by his conventional vet, that he would probably have about six months to live. I made a deal with Zeke that as long as he wanted to be here, I would do everything in my power to help.

In 1995 he began a completely vegetarian diet and detoxifying supplements. I also attuned him as a Reiki I practitioner. Since 1995 he has had six surgeries. After every surgery he bounces right back and his conventional vet is always surprised. Zeke has a very strong will to live. In January 1997 he began to see a holistic vet as well in addition to his conventional vet. I also attuned him to Reiki II. His holistic vet gave him acupuncture and Chinese herbs to balance his body. She is also very psychic and confirmed my feelings that he had been a black bear in a previous life and had been shot on his left side. This is where all the tumors have formed. We have been working with him to release this fear from cellular memory.

In January and May of 1998 he had two more surgeries to remove tumors. Before each surgery I would check with his holistic vet to see if Zeke still wanted to be around and she would confirm "yes, and that Zeke sees these surgeries as small inconveniences". By the way, he has never been in pain that homeopathy and a little pain killer could not handle. He continues to amaze me with his will to live. However, in July 1998 it became clear that a tumor was growing back in the place that he had just had the last tumor removed and at least one other.

I knew he should have no more surgeries. I prayed for guidance as I left to teach Karuna Reiki in Evergreen, Colorado.

While I was in Evergreen, I was given very specific guidance for Zeke's healing from many sources. I was given healing water from a holy well in England (which we supercharged on the Karuna Reiki class alter), specific Tachyon bead information for the tumors, Karuna symbols to use with Aura Healing and water treatments to enhance easy release of the tumors, and red clay from Ojo Caliente, NM to use on them. I was also guided to ask for the help of my Reiki Family in sending intense Reiki to Zeke July 23-25.

When I returned home on July 22, Zeke was somewhat despondent and weak. That night we did a ceremony to cut the emotional ties that might be binding him here to allow him to make his own decision to stay or transition. Since that time he has been getting steadily stronger. On July 31, we had another psychic reading with his holistic vet. Zeke said to her that this was the strongest healing yet because it involved so many people with strong intent to allow healing on all levels and that "Desire + Action + Truth = Manifestation. With the help of Reiki and our many friends, Zeke is manifesting complete healing on all levels. Whether he chooses to stay here or move on I know he will be free from this trauma.