Reiki and Living Your Life on Purpose

by William Lee Rand

Life is filled with challenges, problems and unwanted situations that prevent us from being happy and stop us from fulfilling our dreams. This situation often leaves us feeling frustrated about life and after butting our heads against one disappointment after another we may come to realize that what we really want in life isn't going to happen. So we give in and accept a life less meaningful than what we really want, stuffing our dreams away where they no longer tug on our hearts.

And yet, this isn't the way life has to be. There is a way to live our dreams, to allow the fondest desires of our heart to lead the way into a life of meaning and purpose that is healthy and kind and fulfilling. Within the heart of Reiki are the solutions we need to find our way out of difficulty and into a life of clarity, peace and purpose; a life that is right for us and makes sense and allows us to be the person we were meant to be.

All the things that have slowed you down, and blocked your plans and stopped you from doing what you want are there for a reason. Rather than condemning them and wishing they weren't there and trying to get away from them, if you would realize that they are directing you toward the answers you need to achieve your dreams, you’d take the time to focus directly on them and ferret out the lessons they are trying to provide you.

When you fail at something, it doesn't mean all is lost. Within every failure is the lessons needed to achieve your goals. People fail because they lack one or more of the skills or resources need to succeed. By taking the time to analyze what happened and discover what those skills and resources are, and then develop them, there can be a next time that is more likely to succeed. By following this process, one continually develops ones skills and personal qualities until ones goal is achieved.

There are two kinds of intelligence. One is intellectual intelligence or IQ. The second is emotional intelligence. Of the two, emotional intelligence is by far the most important. As an example, there are lots of people with high IQs who are unable to achieve their goals and live lives of unhappiness, neurosis and discontent. Clearly being smart is no guarantee for success. However, having a high level of emotional intelligence allows one to make wise decisions, and persist with plans until a valued goal is achieved. Most worthy goals take time to accomplish and because of this, the ability to delay gratification is one of the most important emotional skills one can possess. In addition patience, persistence, organization and timing are also needed to achieve meaningful goals.

While it may be true that life has few guarantees, there is one guarantee that if followed will always bring success. Here it is: Definiteness of purpose sustained over time always brings success. Within this guarantee there are three elements. First, you must have a clearly defined purpose, a definite goal. Second, you must continue to work toward the achievement of your goal continually. On this second point some may ask how long. The answer here is until you achieve your goal. And the final element is the achievement of your goal. This formula has brought success, sometimes great success to millions of people. It will bring success to you.

Take a moment to think about everything that is alive. Is there a common purpose to all living things? If you think about this question it’s possible you'll come to the conclusion that there is one purpose that is shared by all living things – the need to grow! Growth is something that all living things do. Therefore, doesn't it make sense to say that the purpose of life is to grow? And of course we do grow physically until adulthood. But after this, in order to truly be alive, we must grow in other ways. By developing new skills and personal qualities we can continue to grow and in this way fulfill the purpose of life. If we're growing into the person we need to be in order to achieve our hearts desires, then we’re living a life that is meaningful to us.

If you have Reiki training, you have a useful tool to help you live your life on purpose. The symbols and techniques in Reiki II can help you define your goals and develop the personal skills and resources needed to achieve them. This process will work, but only if you're being guided by your heart. Reiki can help you connect with and heal your heart. And help you trust in your heart. The hopes and plans and dreams that have been hidden away in your heart can be awakened and empowered. Yes, what you always knew to be true when you were young is what is true now. The key to life is to follow your heart.

When you act on the guidance that comes from your heart, the whole universe will rise up to help you. And while the tasks that are required of you may seem difficult, once you accept the challenge and begin to do what you need to do, you'll see that they end up being easier than what you thought. As you move from one accomplishment to another, as certainly you will if you follow this formula, the life of your dreams will unfold before you and become real!

Certainly this is why you were born. Certainly this is what you need to do.