Following the Reiki Light

by William Lee Rand

As Reiki Masters, it is important for us to be focused on the Reiki energy and use it as a source of empowerment and guidance in all we do. By doing this, we honor the path we have chosen and also make use of the beneficial resources it provides. As we look up into the Reiki light and seek to follow it back to the source, our essential nature is purified and we are taken into higher dimensions of awareness. This enables us to solve our problems and live our lives with ever increasing effectiveness in a way that is healing and uplifting for all those we interact with.

We are truly blessed to have access to the amazing energy of Reiki and to be able to receive the abundant life-giving benefits it provides, but it is important that we choose to do so. The foundation of higher consciousness is free will and because of this, if we are to benefit from the blessings Reiki offers, it is necessary for us to choose to make use of them. And since we still have egos, Reiki is not the only choice that is available to us. Our lower nature may entice us to act in a way that does not come from the wisdom of Reiki so it is important for us to always be aware of this possibility and to choose the higher path.

Whenever you are confronted with a problem or issue, the best solution is to look up ever more intently into the Reiki light. Allow it to permeate your entire being and radiate out through you to the whole world. By doing this, all your blocks, your doubts and worries and your limiting thoughts and feelings will be broken up and blown away. Just do it right now! Look up.

Making the choice to let go of the ego as a source of guidance and to follow the Reiki light will take trust in order to get started. But as we do so, the experience and the positive results will show that it was a wise choice. And as we continue, we will be lifted ever higher and we will enter the awareness that there is no limit to the good that can come from the loving energy of Reiki.

If we are to follow this path, we must use the example of the Reiki energy that is open to working with everyone who chooses to use its energy. If Reiki honors all people, so too is it important for us to do the same. Because of this, it is always important to have a positive attitude toward other Reiki Masters. To do otherwise is to go against the nature of Reiki energy and make it more difficult for Reiki to achieve its purpose. After all, if we do not seek to create harmony between ourselves and other Reiki Masters, then how can we expect to bring harmony to the lives of our clients and to the people of the earth?

It is important to consider that regardless of lineage, school or type of Reiki practiced, if we accept the Reiki energy to be our guide, then we are all on the same team. We are all working to fulfill the purpose of Reiki, which is to heal ourselves and others.

If Reiki is to help us heal each other and solve the serious problems and difficulties our planet faces, then it is important that Reiki Masters have a positive regard toward each other and work together in harmony. Only then will it be possible to channel the healing energy necessary to create the wave of positive transformation that is needed by our planet to bring peace and well-being to the people of the earth. Furthermore, only by setting a good example can we expect others to take us seriously when promoting Reiki as a healing method.

It must be kept in mind that if someone bothers us and we feel it necessary to say negative things about that person, it usually means that we are projecting our own dissatisfaction toward ourselves onto someone else. If we find ourselves wanting to do something like this, it’s important to stop before we say or do anything and look at our own life and also inside ourselves to see what is really bothering us. Have we recently experienced an unwanted outcome with our work or personal life that is causing us distress? And do we have parts within us that are similar to what we believe we are seeing in the other person? To do this type of introspection takes courage and a sincere desire to heal ourselves no matter what. If we are honest with ourselves, often we will find that something isn’t going well for us and that we have those same issues inside ourselves we are seeing in others. If this is the case, then it is important to take the steps necessary to heal those issues within ourselves as this is the real cause of our distress. Also, it is important to realize that while it is often difficult to convince others that they need to heal, we do have the ability as well as the responsibility to heal ourselves.

When we are able to transform our negative projections toward others into our own deep healing, we will have entered a higher level of consciousness and the pace of our own healing will accelerate. In addition, by disrupting the projection mechanism within ourselves, a tremendous burden will have been removed from our life and we will experience a wonderful new feeling of freedom.

The rewards of accepting this level of healing are great, and in addition to experiencing the many benefits in our own life, we will also be contributing in a significant way to the healing of the planet; when we raise our own vibration we raise the vibration of conditions on earth as well! This deep healing will also have a positive influence on the quality of the healing work that we do and the level of teaching that we provide to our students.

Because Reiki comes from an infinite source, it is always possible for us to experience ever higher levels of healing and benefit from the Reiki energy we channel. It is just a matter of looking up into the flow of Reiki energy as it comes to us and allow it to empower and guide us to the next step, the next lesson, the next level of healing. May the beauty and wonder of Reiki provide you with ever greater experiences of love, peace and joy.