Is Reiki Recession Proof?

by William Lee Rand

As the country deals with mortgage and other financial problems that have recently developed including the increase in gasoline prices, food and other commodities, and unemployment for some, it’s important to consider the role Reiki can play to provide solutions for these difficulties.

When difficult situations arise, it’s important that we remain in touch with our personal resources including our ability to think clearly, create effective plans and our ability to accomplish our goals. Flexibility in our thinking and the ability to see our situation from different perspectives and create unique solutions can be important assets when faced with challenging events. However, when difficulties arise, many allow stress to develop as they worry over how they’re going to solve their problems. Stress can make it difficult to think clearly and can isolate us from the skills and personal resources we need to solve our problems.

Fortunately the central feature of Reiki is its ability to release stress and create a healthy mental and emotional atmosphere from which we can more easily create the solutions we need. It’s much easier to solve our problems when we’re relaxed and have a sense of optimism and confidence within ourselves; which are results that Reiki can provide. Reiki is also able to enhance our creative skills and help us function in a more efficient and productive way. In addition, Reiki can be used to improve our intuition and sense of inner guidance which in turn can lead us to the right people and situations we need at the right time to help us solve our problems and achieve our goals.

It is during times of difficulty that Reiki is needed the most. During the recession of the early 1990’s I had just started my Reiki teaching practice, yet it expanded in spite of the difficult financial times most were experiencing. Currently many Reiki practitioners and teachers are experiencing the same thing as increasing numbers of people come for sessions to release stress and improve their ability to solve problems that come from difficult economic times. People are also taking more Reiki classes so they can give themselves treatments along with family and friends, or even create a new source of income by starting their own professional Reiki practice. Not only can Reiki provide a solution to our own problems, we can also use it to help others do the same!

The economic issues we’re currently experiencing are not a transient trend, but part of a much larger change that will result in a major shift in society. Many experts indicate that we’re beginning an economic cycle that will last 10-20 years as we end our use of fossil fuels and convert to a sustainable economy. During this time, high prices for fuel, food and other basic commodities are likely to persist.

Now more than any other time, Reiki can be of great value to us and others as well as to society as a whole. In fact it’s most important contribution may be helping people deal in a healthier way with the global transformation that’s taking place as we shift to a sustainable planetary system.