Reiki in the Office, Part II

by William Lee Rand

If you have Reiki and work in an office, there are many ways you can use Reiki to decrease stress, improve efficiency and enhance creativity. All three of these areas are important to the purpose of any office and therefore important to your boss and the business owner. By using Reiki in the ways mentioned here, you’ll be a more valuable employee at that same time you make your job easier and more enjoyable for you as well as for your fellow employees. Part I which appeared in the October online newsletter explained how to combine Reiki and work and using Reiki on the telephone.

Reiki and the Office Environment
The state of energy in your work space has a direct affect on how well you are able to do your job. If there is tension in your office whether from fellow employees, deadlines or office projects, your boss or simply because you’re having a bad day, your efficiency, creativity and personal well-being can be compromised. In situations like this, it’s important to make use of your Reiki energy and skills to maintain a state of harmony and balance in your office environment.

If you arrive to the office stressed because of personal issues, traffic on the way to work or lack of sleep; take a few minutes to do Reiki on yourself. This will reduce your stress level and create refreshing feelings that will keep you going. Then take a few minutes at regular intervals throughout the day to give yourself short Reiki treatments. This can be done by placing your hands on your legs or if that’s not possible, then by simply thinking of Reiki while you stare at your computer screen. Reiki will flow throughout your aura and physical body creating soothing feelings the refresh and relax.

One important technique that will help everything you do at the office is creating a sacred space around your desk that prevents tension and negative energy from affecting you. Use crystals or other stones charged with Reiki and pointed outward to maintain a filter that prevents Reiki from reaching your work area. Charge each crystal by placing it in your hands, drawing any Reiki symbols you know over it and especially the power symbol and holding it between your hands as you think of Reiki. This only takes a few minutes. As you give the crystal Reiki intend that its purpose is to maintain your sacred, stress free work area. Then arrange the crystals around your desk with point outward. From time to time, meditate on Reiki and on charging your crystals with Reiki and on maintaining the Reiki filter. You can do this simply with intention and without the need to place your hands in any particular position. You can also use one or more potted plants to help maintain your filter.

If a situation is creating tension in your office, it’s possible to send Reiki to the situation to reduce the stress it’s creating and to help it be resolved. Think of the situation, then think of the distant symbol by visualizing it in your mind or saying its name to yourself. Then send Reiki. This can be done while engaged in any activity such as typing or doing other work. You don’t need to do anything special for this to work. Reiki can flow directly from your aura or from any of your chakras or simply from your being. From time to time, think of Reiki and about sending Reiki to the situation. This will reduce your stress about the situation at the same time it reduces the overall stress it was causing in the office, thus helping everyone.

If an individual causes you stress and is difficult to be around, and you’re not able to avoid the person, privately send Reiki to him or her. Use the distant symbol and ask that the Reiki be sent only if this honors the person’s free will and that their spirit chooses to allow it to benefit them. Do this internally by thinking of Reiki and the distant symbol with the intention of sending it to the person. This will create a positive energetic relationship between you and the other person and help the two of you get along better. If the person chooses not to receive the Reiki you send, then the energy will simply stay with you acting to reduce the stress you experience from the person and helping you focus on your work. You can also do this with your boss.

Reiki at Meetings
Office meetings can sometimes be boring or otherwise be tedious and unproductive. Reiki can help this situation. Start by sending Reiki to the meeting before it starts. Just think of the meeting, the time and location where it is to be held and think of the distant symbol. Send Reiki for five or more minutes a half an hour before the meeting, or anytime before when you have time. While at the meeting, use the power symbol and the mental/emotional symbol as you send Reiki into the room and to everyone involved in the meeting. Do this inwardly with your mind only. This will act to make meeting go more smoothly and efficiently and keep the meeting on purpose. You’ll be amazed at the difference this technique can make.