Cancer Healed

by Laurelle Gaia

A dear friend and student, and soon to be Center Certified Teacher, called me June 5th and told me she had been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She had lost her aunt (who was like her mother) to cancer a few weeks before and had much other stress in her life. She returned home from the memorial service for her aunt and received this diagnosis. Needless to say she was devastated.

She was to have further tests June 12th and she is becoming certified at the same time her partner Steve is, so I created a special "certification project" for them. I asked that she call her students and all the Reiki practitioners she knows and ask for their help with this project. I asked her to receive a complete Reiki treatment at least once a day for the next seven days, and to give Reiki to someone at least three times during that period, and to ask for distant treatments. I asked that every practitioner use the treatment documentation forms and document each treatment.

I spoke to her today, and the second pathology report came back completely normal. In SEVEN days she went from a positive diagnosis for cancer confirmed by a pathology report, to a normal pathology report. The only treatment she received was Reiki.