Distant Healing as a Part of Your Practice

by Beth Simmons Stapor 

Last fall I received a phone call from Cheryl who lives in Kentucky (I live in Tennessee). She was looking for someone trained in Karuna Reiki® to go to for treatments. I referred her to several of the International Center trained teachers in the Kentucky area. Due to varying circumstances none of the local Karuna Practitioners were available. A few weeks later Cheryl phoned again and asked if I would consider sending her Karuna Reiki®. At that time I had a lot of experience in sending distance Reiki, but had never done it as a part of my Reiki practice i.e. never having received payment for sending a Distant Reiki Treatment.

At first, I was hesitant. However, after hearing of the many health concerns that Cheryl was dealing with I fell back on my personal philosophy that she would have not been sent to me by the universe unless I was supposed to work with her. So, we began weekly sessions. The general outline of our sessions is for Cheryl to phone me at the appointed time of the session. We spend some time discussing how she is doing along with an overview of what areas she would like to have worked on for that session. Then we hang up. I take the phone off the hook so I will not be disturbed, I turn on some music, light candles and begin the process of sending her Distant Karuna Reiki®. I spend a minimum of 30 minutes sending her Reiki. After I am finished, I write down notes about what I found and the areas I worked on and then call Cheryl and give her feedback on the session.

As time went on and I received positive affirmations from Cheryl as to the help that she was receiving from the distant healing work, I began to offer it to other people who live out of town. I have four clients in my practice that live in other states that regularly contact me to send them Distant Reiki. Some of my clients charge their sessions on a credit card, others send me a prepayment for several sessions.

This has been a growth process for me. When someone comes into my office and I spend an hour with them doing "hands on" Reiki I could see the exchange of energy between us. The thought of being "paid" for a session that I do in the comfort of my "Lazy Boy" meditation chair was new and required a shift in my thinking. The results have only been positive for both my clients and myself.