The Origin of All Is Pure Consciousness

by William Lee Rand

The Reiki distant Distant Healing symbol is made of kanji characters, which are simply words from the Japanese language. These kanji form a spiritual saying used in Japan. There have been a number of translations of these kanji, but the one which I believe to be the most meaningful was revealed to me in 2002 when I had the good fortune of having dinner with Hiroshi Doi and Hyakuten Inamoto, both Reiki Masters from Japan. After some discussion, the conclusion reached was that the meaning of this symbol is “the origin of all is pure consciousness.” This definition is validated by our experience. Since because Reiki is a type of pure form of consciousness, and the distant symbol allows us to create a healing affect effect on others at a distance, this definition is validated by our experience.

Scientific Validation
The origin of the universe has been a topic of science scientific study and debate for a long time. As new technology has come along provided ever more powerful tools for examining the universe, the theories about of its origin has have continued to developed. The current current theory which has a considerable amount of scientific verification, was originated by Edwin Hubble, and is called the Big Bang. According to this theory, the universe came into being with the a Big Bang, huge cosmic explosion, which occurred 13.75 billion years ago. Prior to this time nothing existed. There was no matter, no time or space and there were no laws of physics. And what was to become the Universe existed in a point with no dimension. It was smaller than the smallest thing that can be imagined. It didn’t even have a location in the 3 dimensional world because space didn’t exist yet. Then for some scientifically unknown reason, the point exploded and as it expanded all the matter and energy currently in the Universe was created. Space, time and the laws of physics came into being at this moment as well. It continued to expand faster than the speed of light so that in just 13.75 billion years, the observable Universe has expanded to an estimated diameter of 93 billion light years.(1, 2)

The size, time and distances involved in this description are profound concepts. But even more profound is the idea that this model of the Universe indicates that at the beginning, everything in the Universe was one. This means that the matter of which our bodies eventually became composed was one with everything in the Universe!

In Quantum Physics there is a concept called quantum entanglement which has been verified in laboratory experiments.(3) With quantum entanglement it’s possible for sub-atomic particles which have been created together to communicate with each other instantly regardless of the distance they are separated. With this in mind we can hypothesize a scientifically based concept that on some level, all humans continue to be connected with all other humans and with every part of the Universe.

These scientific concepts validate what Usui Sensei had in mind when he made use of the distant symbol to send Reiki healing to those at a distance.

But of course the idea that pure consciousness is the origin of all can mean much more. It also means that our consciousness is the most important factor in creating our lives. When we decide to take action and manifest something, it’s the quality of our consciousness that has the most important affect on the outcome of our actions. This includes the quality of our plans, our belief and determination that we will be able to accomplish our goals, and the skill and confidence we have as you we carry them out.

On a grander scale, it means that everything , including the Universe itself , has come from pure consciousness. Think about what this means. If everything has come from consciousness and the most central aspect of ourselves is consciousness, then we have something in common with the origin of all.

In The Mind of God, scientist Paul Davies asks the question, “Why should human beings have the ability to discover and understand the principles on which the universe runs?” The answer is because our consciousness was created by, and is directly connected to, the consciousness that created the Universe .

Zero Point Field
Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in his book, The God Theory, postulates that consciousness may be based on the Zero-Point Field. The Zero-Point Field is a field of light that exists on a hidden dimension and is different than regular light. He indicates that this field may be responsible for creating consciousness, and that it preceded the Big Bang, and that it is responsible for manifesting the material world. This idea connects in an interesting way with the meaning of the Reiki Distant Healing symbol.

This idea is further validated by consciousness researcher Stuart Hameroff and physicist Roger Penrose. They say that both matter and consciousness arise out of a space that is 25 orders of magnitude smaller than an atom called the Planck scale where fundamental space time geometry is located. Matter and consciousness arise out of this space. This happens continually in our brains to create human consciousness where quantum effects take place, but also is the process that is responsible for the creation of the Big Bang. (4)

I suggest that you set aside some time to use the distant symbol to send Reiki to the source of the Universe and as you do so, contemplate your connection with everything that exists.

Parts of this article came from an article with the same title in the Summer 2008 issue of Reiki News Magazine.


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