Reiki Helps Heal a Broken Ankle

by Barbara J. Lasbury

I would like to share my experience with others to help them understand how powerful Reiki healing energy is as a hands on healing modality and as a complementary natural alternative to be used in conjunction with good medical care. This story contains the validation I had been looking for while sometimes wondering why other people's opinions came across to me as being so very skeptical

Last October, in the early evening, I fell and broke my ankle. As quickly as I realized I was down on the ground, I knew my ankle had gone in one direction and my foot in the other. My son'in'law, Bob, a highly trained EMT, immediately called for an ambulance and immobilized my leg and foot. Having had my First Degree Reiki attunement in early September, I thought it was a good idea to start a Reiki treatment on myself as I knew I was probably facing quite an ordeal. So I began deep breathing relaxation and Reiki. The ambulance crew arrived asking the usual questions and arranging to transport me to the ER. 'Are you in pain?' No, I didn't feel any pain. Although apprehensive it would start any time I continued on with my Reiki

On the way to the hospital my blood pressure was normal and one attendant remarked that my ankle probably was just badly sprained as I had no discomfort or disfiguration and seemed quite in control of the situation

At the hospital the usual questions'how much pain, where, etc.'I continued my Reiki and then a few encouraging comments from the nurses that it was a good sign not to have pain and swelling around my foot/ankle area. The x'rays, however, proved quite another story'I had a very bad 3'way break that would require surgery to insert a metal plate to secure the bones in place

I requested a highly recommended orthopedic doctor to be my surgeon. I remember him making a remark that immediate surgery would be advantageous as conditions were optimal including the fact that I had very little swelling around the broken bones. Totally relaxed and confident that all the prep work was complete'the surgery went ahead very successfully and the rest of the night was a bit hazy but still I felt no pain'no discomfort at all

I can honestly say I waited for any and all medications to wear off. Nothing happened. I felt fine. During the next morning a nurse disconnected my IV/morphine pump and commented that I had not 'hit the button' for any pain medication. I told her I thought what was pumping into me automatically was probably enough as I was quite comfortable. She then informed me that the morphine did not drip automatically and I was not on any pain medication.

Surprised? I sure was'what was the explanation for 'no pain?' Reiki? I am totally convinced it was Cynthia, my Reiki master showed up that morning after surgery and gave me a Reiki treatment and still no pain, no discomfort. I do believe my surgeon was a bit skeptical but I am very pleased that he was open'minded enough to respect my rights to integrate an alternative modality such as Reiki with his medical skills as a surgeon, much to my benefit to 'set things right.

After being released from the hospital my recovery went along normally but I have to add here that I did supplement my diet with a liquid calcium magnesium supplement, a good B vitamin complex as well as several homeopathic remedies and continued with Reiki treatments. Four weeks after the accident my hard cast was removed and I arranged to have acupuncture treatments two to three times per week for the next four weeks. The swelling remained minimal and the flexibility increased almost daily

My surgeon's reaction to seeing my ankle at eight weeks after the surgery was that of surprise and I am pleased he expressed himself honestly saying that my foot looked 'ten times better than he had expected it to.' He told me everything was fine and to call him if I had a problem. To date all is well, I resumed normal walking ability, although slowly at first, but then quickly progressed without the use of any aid to driving, climbing stairs, etc

At this time I have no problems whatsoever. This little escapade is over as far as I am concerned. I do not wear any type of support hose, ace bandage support, wraps, etc. just a good leather tie shoe

As for me and my Reiki, I will continue to practice and document my little stories from time to time. I received my Second Reiki Degree during my convalescence and I have found Reiki to be very helpful also as a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. Many days a little Reiki has soothed a bump on the head of a little grandson, a friend with an achy back, a mother with arthritic pain, and a husband tired and stressed. I will be receiving my Reiki Mastership very soon from Cynthia Morrone'Siswick who has been extremely helpful, encouraging and supportive as my Reiki Master. I can only hope that I can continue on in the traditional Reiki spirit that she practices for the good of everyone around her

Thank you Cynthia!