Karuna and a Special Journey Within

by Cherie Neger

Sitting under my favorite pine tree on an early morning, I listened to my angels clarify for me the work I had performed and the issues I had processed the past eight months. How appropriate it was this humid sultry morning. The temperature released the essence of the pine and the devas delighted my senses with their own aromatherapy session. Leaning with my spine against the tree, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to breathe deeply. The warm smell of the conifers had taken me to a wonderfully sacred space where I can relax and let go of all the external pressures of this physical and material existence. Drinking in the light and love of the pine, I breathe slowly and rhythmically. I begin to use my second symbol from Karuna Reiki® and gently dance into a wonderful meditative state. There I have met with the Deva of the tree I so love to talk to and sit under. It's a twin tree, and being Gemini rising, I think to myself how appropriate and I was not surprised when I heard two voices speak to me.

"Hello Cherie, said a small male and female voice. Hello I replied. We are so glad that you have come to visit and share your healing with us today. You are welcome, is there something special about today I am not aware of? Well, humans forget that we work very hard and in keeping up with this pace to cleanse the air and ourselves as well, we need love, encouragement and support just as you."

"Oh, I did not think about your need other than when I saw a plant in distress I would sit and talk and offer Reiki."

"We are well aware of that and this is why we have spoken today. We ask that you share this with others who have not activated their light bodies . They are not to a frequency that they can hear us yet. We (the plants and trees) thank all of you humans who have taken the time to lovingly offer us Reiki energy. We are excited to find that you are growing and have been able to open yourselves to receive more of this wonderful energy. We have been wondering when humans were going to begin evolving again, so that we can be at the same level of awareness."

"My Pine twins, are you telling me that you recognize this energy I have activated just now?"

"Yes, this is a continuance of the healing abilities that you already possess."

"How intriguing I replied! Tell me what you know about these symbols I have just used."

"Okay, we like your playful spirit, here goes...humans for a long time have been disconnected from us in the plant realm and we are excited that you have come here and started to share your energies with us. We have noticed that you were sending new tones that you had not activated before. This particular energy you initiated today is very much in harmony with out true purpose here on Mother Earth. We are here to teach and express our love and to walk with you in your meditative states We want to communicate with humans so much and have them hear us clearly. This energy you call a symbol is what we have waited for, a very long time. It is as you say, a remembrance of times before. So with your playful spirit come sit and sing with us every day and you will see in your mind what our relationship can evolve into. Thank you again Cherie for loving us and meditating with us. Go tell everyone what you experienced today and that they can too! We will communicate again soon. Bye, bye."

Needless to say I slept at the base of this tree after this communication. I saw in my dreams a delightful picture where we humans communicated with plants and trees regularly and that they were more like brothers and sisters than this separate species as we know now. I remembered a time as a young girl long ago when my ancestors talked and honored the tree people. Waking, with a glisten of perspiration all over my body, I sat and looked around myself. There was a clarity and a hue of colors as I have never seen before. Could it be that applying this symbol to myself and my twin pine now continued to awaken my capacity for love and beauty around me? Now I must go inside and transcribe this on my computer as I am to share this with everyone.

The paths and enlightenments that Karuna Reiki® has brought into my life have been phenomenal. So as I honor my mission to share this with others I encourage everyone to go into their hearts and ask, is this a journey for me at this time in my life? I and all the other Karuna Masters are here to support you in your decision and welcome others to walk with them through this delightful maze together learning and discovering all the wonders Reiki has to offer. See you then. HO!

Karuna Reiki® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.