This Time of Year

by William Lee Rand

The sun has drifted to its lowest point, the days are short and the nights long and cold. And as we walk about outdoors, our breath becomes mist making it even more obvious that moment-to-moment we depend on spirit to live.

And at this time of year there are so many thoughts and feelings spinning around us and within. And certainly if we look, we'll find wonder and joy and peace, mixed with plans and hopes, wishes and dreams.

There are so many possibilities for each of us. Created above they come drifting down around us like snowflakes soft and gentle in the silence of the night. Each one unique, beautiful, real and yet present only a short while unless we allow ourselves to be inspired, to take action, to follow the mystery they present to us, the mystery of life.

What is the dream Reiki has for us, what possibilities await us? Where will it lead us if we have the courage, the trust, the sense of adventure to follow along the path it’s ready to create?

Within us resides deeper meaning, a more refined sense of expression, a more fulfilling life that longs to be born, yet waits patiently for the time when it’s recognized, nurtured and invited to come forth.

As the days get longer and we move into the New Year, may your inner visions awaken and inspire you to live a life of ever-greater peace, love and happiness.