Soul-Level Chakras and the Peace Breath

by Laurelle Gaia

Increasing numbers of people are incorporating Reiki or other energies into their healing practices, their work, and their everyday life. Because of this, the vibrational frequency of each individual and of the planet is increasing. This can be seen as an evolutionary process for the human species as well as for the earth. As this happens, our subtle bodies and chakras are awakening on deeper levels, which helps us each access our personal soul blueprint with greater ease. This process guides us in the unfolding of our soul’s progression and the ultimate expression of our Divine purpose.

In a time when the media is reporting so many things from around the world which can be perceived as atrocities, I feel it is increasingly important for each of us to focus daily on our personal evolution and remember our purpose as well as our Divine creative power. We each have a powerful effect on the reality that we live in. As we evolve we are becoming more aware of our expansive and limitless nature.

Our bodies are gradually and continually integrating higher-frequency light rays, and as this happens our soul-level chakras are awakening. This is a necessary process as we are recognizing that we each truly are powerful Divine beings, created not simply in the image of God but also blessed with gifts of the creative power of Divine Love and Divine Mind.

With these gifts come the opportunity, and perhaps the responsibility, to use them for the highest good of all. However, our free will allows us to decide how we will use them, and this can have a direct effect on our karma as well as on the quality of our life.

The information offered in this article comes from my personal experience of overtwenty years during which I have explored, studied, meditated, and worked with others in my healing practice to develop my understanding of the soul chakras, which has always been focused on results.

I feel it is important to be open to new and awakening ideas. Many old concepts and beliefs are likely to expand and change as we learn more through scientific findings while simultaneously remaining open to our personal truth and soul knowing.

Soul-Level Chakras and the Master Cell
Soul-level chakras each are directly linked to our master cell. The master cell houses our soul blueprint, or personal Akashic record, and is a way in which we are personally connected energetically to the soul of humanity and ultimately the One Soul of creation. It is the master cell that communicates with all of our chakras and every level of our etheric field.

One of the biggest challenges that Reiki practitioners and all light workers have is the actual grounding of our high-frequency light experiences. Often when giving Reiki or meditating or receiving healing, we may find ourselves out of body or traveling deep within to that place of inner mastery. At other times, there can be a fascination with the experiences we have in our upper chakras to the extent that we may ignore the lower centers, which is unfortunate as they are an important part of our developmental process. Regardless of where we find ourselves when we are in an expanded state of awareness, we often enjoy the experience so much that we resist coming back. This can sometimes prevent us from applying our experience in a practical way.

The development of the soul-level chakras, which connect to our master cell, is an important step in the complete awakening of our soul blueprint. It is through such development and awakening that our ability to ground high-frequency light is enhanced. Each soul chakra functions as a portal which links us with a specific aspect of the progression of our soul. This is similar to the way each of our basic chakras serves as a link to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The soul level of our root chakra (located at the base of our spine) is where we store all of our belief systems and link with the planetary consciousness through these beliefs. If we are to be fully open to changing outmoded belief patterns from simple beliefs to a healthy soul knowing of our truth, it is important to integrate and anchor what we are learning and remembering.

Location and Functions of the Soul-Level Chakras
As we begin to explore the soul-level chakras, let’s first establish their location. In this article I refer to only those that I am most familiar with at this time. An awareness of others is currently unfolding. The chakras discussed here are:

Soul-Level Chakras and the Peace BreathStellar gateway. To locate this chakra, stretch your arms up above your head. Imagine a funnel of light with the lower opening just above your fingertips. This is the base of the stellar gateway.

Soul star. Place the heel of your hand at the top of your head with the fingers pointing upward. The bottom of the soul star would be touching your fingertips.

Causal chakra. Place the heel of your hand at the center of the crown of your head with the fingers resting on the curvature of your head, pointing toward your back. The area where your fingers rest is the area where the center of the causal chakra is located.

Ascending heart. In the center of the body between the physical heart and throat, behind the thymus gland.

Sacred heart. In the center of the body, slightly behind and slightly below the physical heart. This sometimes is perceived as an etheric chamber attached to the heart.

Earthstar. Approximately a hand-length below the physical body. If you placed your hand down into the earth pointing toward the center of the earth, with the heel of the hand just penetrating the surface, the earthstar would begin at your fingertips. It is centered beneath you, and in direct center alignment with the soul star.

The Gaia gateway. Located about an arm’s length beneath you, opening into the earth like a funnel.

The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high-frequency light can enter our etheric field. It is this light from the One Soul that helps us to awaken our individual soul wisdom. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which frequencies entering through the stellar gateway are measured. The soul star also facilitates access to our personal library within the Akashic records. The Akashic records is an important spiritual library that can assist in the process of our soul’s progression. It is believed that a record of all lifetimes, thoughts, actions, and energy in any form are archived there. Spiritualists and theosophists explain that Akasha can be defined as “astral light.” In Eastern philosophies Akasha is defined as ether that contains material and spiritual energy.

In Chaldean the sounds contained within akasha, ka and ha, can be translated to mean two pools of information, one in form and one invisible. The Chaldean civilization was situated near what we know today as the Persian Gulf, and was recognized for its knowledge of science, astrology, and occult wisdom.

It is my personal sense that the two pools of information mentioned above refer to information stored within both our physical body and our soul-level chakras. More specifically, information stored within the etheric heart, which we will explore in a moment, and our physical heart. Studies are being conducted with transplant patients regarding the physical heart’s ability to record memory and feelings. As we explore the etheric heart’s ability to maintain records that transcend time and space, we are learning more about methods through which one can develop a deeper understanding of their soul purpose.

The causal chakra is the center that accepts the dosages of light that the upper two chakras deliver, and it assists in higher activations of the crown, brow, and throat chakras.

The ascending heart and sacred heart chakras house the essence of Universal Compassion and Universal Love. They create a triad via an etheric link with the heart chakra.

A holographic projection of the link between these three centers is held in the subtle energy field. This hologram is known as the etheric heart. Its purpose is to facilitate communication via the language of light between our personality, our soul, the Universal Heart, and the Universal Mind. A wonderful blending of energies takes place within the etheric heart, the blending of true Divine Love and Compassion with the energy from the lower centers and especially the base chakra.

Let’s think about that. If the base chakra is where we store our fundamental beliefs, and the etheric heart blends these ever-changing beliefs with Universal Love and Compassion, what are we creating? When love and compassion blend, a frequency is formed that energizes the peace ray. When this energy is introduced to our lower centers, our fundamental beliefs begin to awaken to a profound knowing that we can and we are creating peace within our own being, and ultimately the world.

Now let’s take this a few steps further and look at the earthstar chakra and the Gaia gateway. The earthstar is where we anchor our belief system, or our soul knowing, into our daily life. The energy residing in the earthstar is that of personal self-expression. We express ourselves in many ways, through our actions, our words, our thoughts, and the energy we hold. As we consciously seek to open more to the true expression of our soul, the earthstar supports the unfolding of our Divine purpose.

The Gaia gateway is the portal through which we transmit either our limited beliefs or our true soul knowing and remembrance of our purpose into the very core, or heart, of the earth. The core of the earth is a like a great mirror; it reflects back to us what we are anchoring within her.

What are you reflecting to the earth? Are you reflecting fear and limited beliefs, or are you reflecting perfect peace from the center of your soul?

In A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson wrote:

“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in ALL of us. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

When we are liberated from our own fear, and we anchor the peace that we were born to be, we reflect this to others and we also assist in the liberation of the earth.

There are many ways to awaken the soul-level chakras. The following is one way to work with Reiki and breath to facilitate the awakening of soul light.

This technique is designed for those who are familiar with the Usui power symbol; however, if you are a Reiki I practitioner and do not yet know this symbol, you can still use this technique. In that case perceive a pulsing ball of Reiki energy in the place of the power symbol references. I use the term visualize in these instructions, but if you don’t believe you can visualize, you can imagine, think about, or feel instead of see.

  1. Create a prayer of intention to clear, align, and more fully awaken your soul-level chakras. An example of a prayer might be: “Creator, I give thanks that I am a clear and open channel for Reiki energy to flow through. I give thanks that my personality and ego stand aside so that the energy and wisdom is received in its clearest and truest form. It is my intention to clear, align, and awaken my soul-level chakras so that I might develop a deeper understanding of my Divine purpose. I give thanks that through Divine Love this is done. And so it is.”
  2. Sense a large Usui power symbol moving in from above the stellar gateway, moving down all the way to the Gaia gateway, and spiraling over your body. Don’t worry about where the spirals of light flow; the energy will move where it is needed. The actual flow may vary from time to time when you do this. Pause for a moment as the energy channels open.
  3. Next, visualize a power symbol on the top of the stellar gateway, moving down to the soul star, to the causal chakra, into the crown, down the central channel to the ascending heart, the sacred heart, the base chakra, the earthstar, and ultimately the Gaia gateway.
  4. Take a few moments to feel the light infusing each of these points. This activates your central channel.

Next we move into a soul breathing patterns as follows.

  1. First draw in a breath as if inhaling from the soul star, down the front of the body into the earthstar, and up the back to and through the stellar gateway. Breathe in and out deeply, slowly and purposefully. Be sure you are expanding and filling your abdomen with each breath. Circulate the light like this with eight complete breaths. On the inhale draw the energy down with the breath, and on the exhale send it up.
  2. On the final exhale shift your focus up, and this time let the breath flow up through the stellar gateway. The next inhale will enter from the stellar gateway. Allow this breath to flow down the left side of your central channel all the way through the Gaia gateway and into the heart of the earth. On the exhale send the breath and energy up from the heart of the earth. Bring it up into the right side of your central channel and out through the stellar gateway. Breathe in this manner through four complete cycles.
  3. On the final exhale, visualize a power symbol floating up above the stellar gateway, and one in the core of the earth. Breathe the energy down through your entire central channel all the way into the earth.
  4. Pause and focus on the shift in your energy. When you are breathing, focus on the light within your central channel and breathe out into your energy field. Allow the light to expand and shimmer throughout all of your etheric bodies. Feel it in front, in back, on your sides, and above and below you. Send that soul light out from your central channel with the intention of perceiving your connection to the One Soul. When you feel this, breathe that light deep into your central channel and allow it to permeate every atom and cell of your physical body.

Soul Journey
Now that you are prepared, let’s journey to a time before our incarnation into this life, when many joined together as a great soul light and agreed to come back at this time to assist in humanity’s awakening to the age of peace. Do you remember this time? Do you remember the vision?

Imagine now that you are once again connected to that space in time. Do you remember the purity of that great soul light? Do you remember the power within that magnificent vision of peace?

Breathe the essence of that vision of peace into your heart…feel it anchor within you.

Breathe deeply, and slowly open your eyes and awaken to the age of peace.

I am ever thankful that Reiki has been such a powerful teacher in my life. It is through my constant use of Reiki that I have been guided to tools, teachings, and techniques such as those shared in this article. My life has been enhanced immeasurably as a result.

My soul knowing tells me that each and every one of us is here for precisely the same purpose. That purpose is to support humankind’s awakening to the knowing that we are to simply BE the full power of Divine Love and Divine Peace. The way that we express this purpose is unique to each one of us. We are transforming ourselves by remembering our purpose, and by acting on our remembrance we are transforming the world.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2002 issue of Reiki News Magazine.