Reiki and Yoga Mudras

Hakini MudraHakini Mudra
by Cathy Dyer

Mudras are hand, eye, and/or body positions used for intensifying meditation in Eastern traditions. A mudra is also a seal or symbol. Mudras both depict and lead to various states of consciousness. They can affect mental clarity, affect emotions, and when used over time, can improve physical health. Reiki practitioners may already be familiar with Gassho mudra used in Dr. Usui's preparation for treatment.

Mudras are found in cultures all over the world. They are used in religious practices and dance in India, in the gestures of the Catholic Mass, and in martial arts. In addition, they are part of everyday rituals such as blowing a kiss and the handshake that seals an agreement. The origin of mudras is not known, but they do have a long tradition in Tibetan Buddhism and Tantric philosophy. Some believe that they may have originated in Egypt.

Using Mudras with Reiki
To use Reiki with mudras, form the selected mudra and breathe three to ten times to settle in. The pressure of the fingers is light and the hands are relaxed. Then activate Reiki by simply thinking of Reiki or intending it to flow. Hold each mudra for four to ten minutes, or as long as needed according to your inner guidance.

Hakini Mudra
This mudra is said to benefit the brain, third eye and lungs including balancing the right and left sides of the brain and creating cooperation between them.

This is just part of the article which appeared in the Summer 2003 issue of Reiki News Magazine.