Raising Reiki-Conscious Children

by Kathy “Kap” Parra

If a child is to keep alive his inborn
sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of
at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering
with him the joy, excitement and mystery
of the world we live in.

—Rachel Carson

As the mother of three enlightened souls, I have had the opportunity to expand my consciousness to an expansiveness that resonates with the planetary vibration. I introduced Reiki into our family before conception, sending distance Reiki to our children, asking our children what they needed from me as a parent to prepare for their coming—from what food would nourish them the best in this life and what types of exercise, to which music and what spiritual ritual needs would best serve them. I also asked them about their names and the time of their births. Each time I was given clear, precise, conscious feedback while sending Reiki love. The mystic and intuitive in me knew these souls were to be taught the ancient transcripts of many suns and moons past and I was to merely guide them to their enlightened self.

Each day together we experience Reiki love through our everyday living. Mornings generally start out with a gentle hug that says be well, be light and love, to yourself and to the planet. Most breakfasts are made together with eighty percent of our diet organic. Our family prefers a vegetarian/vegan diet. We bless our food with Reiki by placing our hands over it and sending God’s light, and then we eat over magical conversations of nighttime dreams, or angels and fairies that have danced their way into the wee hours of the night.

John Holt was the forerunner a type of schooling called Unschooling. This type of environment has allowed our children more time to spend outside where nature is the enchanted teacher and they are the students of one of our grandest energies, “Nature.”

Sharing Reiki with the children has empowered them as individuals. It has helped them trust and know their own Reiki energy and the healing power it has for themselves, others, the environment, animals, and our planet. One example of this is when my six-year-old daughter recently went in to have four teeth pulled, and they asked if she would like nitrous oxide. She exclaimed, “No, I’ll send Reiki love, and I’ll ask the angels and fairies to help me.” We visualized white and rainbow light surrounding her gums and teeth, asking God and the angels to remove any discomfort (we did however assist with some of the swelling with a homeopathic remedy, Arnica). The dentist was amazed at her calmness and peace, the day retained its usual bliss, and we went home and rode our bikes.

Another of the children sent Reiki to our beta fish. It seemed to be ready to pass on, but she said, “No, I don’t think so; it’s not quite his time.” We all placed our hands on the outside of the bowl as well and put five drops of colloidal silver in the water and the next day he was swimming as well as ever. We will have had Merlin for nearly a year now.

Watching them as they share Reiki energy with me, themselves, others, and nature has beckoned a new light to shine on the possibilities for the Universe if every child were given the opportunity to grow in an environment where Reiki energy was nourished, nurtured, and shared even once a day on a conscious level. An environment where they would be sitting down among nature and blessing each dew drop and sweet pea and its majestic beauty, hugging the tree in your backyard, and sending Reiki blessings to every living creature. Oh, the thought gives me tingles up my spine, knowing that our Universe would be receiving this precious energy.

I invite us all to live through the eyes of Reiki and share it with those around us, especially our children. Share with them Just for Today that the Universe is safe, without worry, that the Universe is happy and abundant, without anger, that the Universe is open and giving, and that the Universe is kind. Tell them, whatever you choose to do today, do it with love and honesty; make your intentions to self, others, and all living things intentions of peace and love; and, lastly, share gratitude, gratitude for the ever expanding energy of Reiki that so graciously resides in each and every one of us. All we need to do is share it, especially with our children, and they will share it with their children.

This article is from the Spring 2006 issue of the Reiki News Magazine.