Starting a Small Reiki Business

by William Lee Rand

Lots of people are taking Reiki classes, but many usually don't charge money for their Reiki sessions; they simply use Reiki for self care or for helping family and friends from time to time. Yet it's possible to take your casual use of Reiki and turn it into something more productive. By doing this you'll be providing greater help to others which they will be grateful for and you'll also be able to add to your personal or family income! Doing just three Reiki sessions a week could add an additional $900.00 a month to your income. Think about how you could use this money to improve the quality of your life and that of your family. Also think about the value those who come to you for Reiki would receive. Reiki can be a real life saver for those experiencing stress full lives. Just to be able to spend 45 minutes laying on a Reiki table allowing some else to bring peace and soothing energy to tired muscles and frayed emotions can make a real difference in being able to cope with one's life. And those with serious conditions can experience even greater benefit in being able to deal more easily with the emotional issues of ones condition in addition to helping reduce or even eliminate the negative side effects of medical treatment such as from chemotherapy and radiation and help the recovery process after surgery or other medical procedures. As you can see, starting a small Reiki business can have many rewards.

If you've given short Reiki sessions to family and friends, it's just a few simple steps to move up to giving full sessions and charging money. One way to do this is to get out your Reiki manual and go over the standard hand positions and other information on giving Reiki sessions. Then offer to give several complete sessions to family members or friends for free. Call your friends on the phone and let them know you're starting a small Reiki business and that you're offering them a few free sessions. After the session let them know that in a couple of weeks (choose a date) you're going to start charging money for your sessions.

When the time comes to start charging money, I suggest starting out at a low fee such as $25.00 a session. When you start charging money call or email everyone and let them know that you're now charging $25.00 per session and that you'll be giving 10 sessions at $25.00 and then after that you'll be going up to $35.00. By knowing this each is more likely to come for a paid session sooner so they can save money. After you've done people at $25.00 always let each know how many you've done at that price so they'll know that they will be expected to pay the higher fee soon. Continue with this process till you reach your target fee which could be between $75.00 and $100.00 per session depending on your area. As you gain more experience, you'll be charging more money and no one will be surprised because you've let them know in advance.

This is one marketing method that works. There are lots more. There are also a few other important ideas you'll need to know about in getting your small Reiki business going. Click on these links to read more.

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I also suggest that you order a copy of a booklet on this topic as it contains a more through description of the important ideas you'll need to know to get your business started and then develop it to any level. There are many important articles in this booklet that cover every aspect of operating a Reiki business. These articles were written by people who developed successful Reiki businesses and they share what they tried that worked and what didn't work and what you'll need to do to develop your Reiki business to any level you'd like. Developing Your Reiki Practice.