Reiki as a Spiritual Path

by William Lee Rand

In life, we often encounter crossroads where difficult decisions must be made. A new direction needs to be taken. Uncomfortable choices have to be considered.

We may find ourselves in a job we don’t like, a relationship that no longer feels supportive of our best interests, or other situations that undermine our health, energy or self-confidence. We wonder how we got there. At the same time we aren’t sure what to do and feel that there are no positive alternatives.

One of the most important, yet least explained, benefits of Reiki is its ability to guide your life in a way that is exactly right for you. When you focus Reiki on difficult situations in your life, guidance about what to do comes more easily. Or it may inspire a change in attitude or belief about your situation. Suddenly, you see your condition from a fresh perspective, one which reveals a previously unseen course of action leading to a more positive result. For many practitioners, the flow of Reiki has helped them develop and strengthen parts of their character, enabling them to deal with difficult challenges in a more positive way. Reiki not only provides the necessary information, but also the right kind of personal energy to take the needed action.

Our lives are created from the effects of all the decisions and actions we have taken, not only in this life, but in past lives as well. Every action has an effect which eventually comes back to us. If we adopt the philosophy and accept that fact that ultimately, we are responsible for everything we experience in life, we will be centered in our power and be better able to create positive and lasting change in our lives.

Negative experiences are actually our own actions coming full circle. Use the wisdom and love of Reiki and you will be able to more easily take responsibility for them. Reiki will guide you to heal and balance the energy in a way that is healthy for you and everyone involved. This prevents the fostering of additional negative actions on your part and breaks the vicious downward spiral that only leads to deeper levels of the disempowered victim state. These seemingly negative experiences contain important lessons for us— in fact, they are exactly the lessons we need to learn in order to progress on our spiritual path! There are no accidents.

Shortly after learning Reiki I moved to California and began an NLP practice. Things went well for a while, but after a year or so I found myself with no money. I called my parents and asked them if they could loan me the money I needed to keep my practice going. A week later they had an answer. They could not loan me any money, but I could come back to Detroit and live with them. They thought it was a great solution as they had been wanting me to come home for a long time. To me it was the worst thing I could imagine. I had moved away from Detroit to get away from them. Having to move from California to Detroit to live with my parents was an overwhelming thought. I was forty years old. I had no money. I had lots of negative feelings about my parents and in fact felt they were the cause of most of my problems. I did not think I could do it.

However, I began sending Reiki to the situation and began meditating about it. The Reiki energy allowed me to think more clearly and I was directed to think about the responsibility I had for my situation in life and for my own growth. I knew that many of our issues have come from our parents. The father usually effects ones issues with career, money, responsibility, discipline etc. and the mother effects ones issues with relationships, nurturing, intuition and creativity among other things. I also knew that if one could restimulate ones issues, thus bringing them up to the surface, they could more easily be dealt with and healed. I came to the conclusion that although it would be very difficult, moving back with my parents would also be a great opportunity for deep healing to take place. With the help of Reiki, I decided to accept my parents invitation and move in with them. I also decided I would maintain a positive, optimistic attitude and be actively looking for opportunities to heal so I could learn the lessons life was presenting to me as quickly as possible.

Many difficult situations did come up, but with the help of Reiki, I was able to turn them into healing and learning experiences. I lived with my parents for nine months and was able to heal several major issues. After moving out, but staying in the area, I continued to work on our relationship and over a period of years, things became much more loving and understanding between us. This has greatly contributed to my happiness in other areas of life as well.

Many fortunate experiences took place because of my move back to Detroit. There was a larger spiritual community in Detroit than what I had imagined and I met many people with similar interests who were supportive. Reiki directed me to begin sharing my experiences in metaphysics with others. I began writing articles for the local metaphysical paper and teaching classes in spiritual development. Eventually I met a Reiki master who was charging a very reasonable fee for Reiki master training. I took her training and began teaching Reiki classes. This lead to the development of the Center and the expansion of my career. Reiki helped me step by step to change a personal crisis into a fulfilling purposeful life.

Opportunities to connect with our spiritual path are continually coming to us through our every day experiences. All we need to do is recognize them. Allow Reiki to guide you and its gentle energy will help you learn the lesson and release you from the need to revisit the negative experiences again. At the same time, you will move forward on your spiritual path. However, if you project blame for your problems on others, and choose to act like a victim, your misinterpretations will block the flow of energy and make it virtually impossible to get good guidance. When one is in victim consciousness it is very difficult to create positive outcomes.

There is a plan for your life that is exactly right for you and supports your continual improvement. This plan has always existed and when you are ready to discover and follow it, the Universe meets you where you are and adjusts to your needs at the moment. Reiki will always lead you in the direction of your unique life plan, which is actually your true spiritual path, based on your unique requirements as an individual.

The purpose of your spiritual path is to connect you to your true nature which is the love, wisdom and power that is within you. Identification with a deeply healed self is the goal of your journey. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to heal or release all the parts of yourself which are not deeply healed. Reiki can guide you through this process, supplying the needed understanding and the healing.

Reiki is able to surround your life and everything you do with a wonderful glowing radiant energy that smooths the way, making things easier than you thought it could be. At times, spontaneous events bring solutions that contain all the factors necessary for resolution and success. This is a wonderful multidimensional process that can effortlessly produce those seemingly lucky breaks where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time and say the right things to receive positive results.

Not only can Reiki guide your life, it fosters opportunities to receive greater benefit from the abundance around you. Reiki leads you to do things you thought you would never do, things you believed were too difficult yet are necessary if you are to grow as a person. As Reiki nurtures your greater personal growth, you become capable of achieving more and your life becomes a continuous process of increasing enjoyment and satisfaction.

There are many ways to use Reiki on your spiritual path. The most basic is to do Reiki self treatments every day and ask for guidance. Include a prayer such as "Guide me and heal me so that I might be of greater service to others." Continue to think of Reiki through out the day. Visualize it flowing within and around you. As you do this, add the distant symbol and direct Reiki to the important events or people in your life asking that they be blessed. You can also direct the flow to your life in general. This will act to heal the issues that are current for you and prepare you for those that will be coming up. The soothing energy of Reiki will help you feel more relaxed and place you in a more resourceful state where you will be better able to deal with issues as they come up and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Reiki soothes relationships as well. As you practice Reiki, those you deal with will be delighted to discover you have become a more enjoyable person to be with and your relationships will begin going more smoothly. The effectiveness of all other healing or self improvement programs you are involved with will improve. With Reiki energy flowing continually in your life, steady improvement of your health and well being as well as every aspect of your life can be expected over the long term. Amazing things happen when you practice Reiki everyday.

Another action that will help you on your spiritual path is to create good Karma by helping others. One way to do this is to meditate in the morning on the distant symbol with the intention that Reiki will flow through you all day long to all those who need it. Whenever you have a spare moment during the day, reinforce this process with the same meditation. Just visualize or draw out the distant symbol and affirm over and over, "I continually send Reiki energy to all those who need it." You will be pleasantly surprised to find your Reiki effecting those around you as well as going to people you have never met. A happy satisfying feeling will come as you realize that others are benefiting from your commitment to Reiki.

Another beneficial process is to use the distant symbol to send Reiki to enlightened beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, or God. Once you feel the energy flowing, ask them to help you fully express their enlightened nature in your everyday life. Or you can also ask your own enlightened self to help you assume its enlightened nature as your true identity.

Reiki energy comes directly from the highest spiritual source. It works in harmony with all other spiritual techniques by increasing their effectiveness. It can guide you on your spiritual path. By carefully considering the decisions and actions you take and allowing Reiki energy to guide you, a life filled with joy, beauty and peace is yours to create.

May your life be guided by the greatest wisdom and love.

So be it.