Getting Results With Reiki-Unconditionally

by Laurelle Gaia

Many were inspired by the Reiki stories in our last issue, while others wrote or called to ask, "Why don't I get results with Reiki like the people in your stories? What am I doing wrong?"

Very often these answers can be found by reviewing three core issues of healing, fear, trust and release. When we learn to practice Reiki fearlessly, trust it completely, and step out of the way by releasing all attachment to outcome, we open the door for miracles; we can do nothing wrong. This is unconditional Reiki, Reiki without rules!

Fear can enter into our sessions in many ways. We can fear that we are doing something wrong, that the client doesn’t feel anything, that our hands are not warm enough, or simply that it may not work. The first step in healing these fears requires remembering that Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. It is infinite wisdom and healing love that knows exactly what the recipient needs. Because Reiki is infinitely wise, it can never cause harm.

The only "rule" with Reiki is to "Let it Be" and know that it is perfect. I am very blessed that my teachers, taught me that Reiki can never cause harm before I was told of the other "Reiki Rules". After I had become a completely trusting Reiki practitioner, I was told to never Reiki a broken bone before it has been set because it might heal incorrectly, and to never Reiki a burn because the heat will make it worse. I am thankful I was not warned of these things before I had the opportunity to hold my Reiki hands around my friend’s broken ankle (she refused emergency room treatment) and saw the bone set before my eyes. I am thankful that when I burned my hand on a 450 degree pan handle, I hadn't yet been told that Reiki shouldn't be used, because I found immediate relief from the cooling effect Reiki had on my blistered hand, which completely healed in hours .

You see, I was fearless, and completely trusting when I opened for Reiki to flow through, and then I just let it be. If you truly believe that Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy, which can only be used for the highest good of all concerned, then you can set your fears and your ego aside and channel Reiki in its purest form.

This makes the next steps easy, trust and release. Trust Reiki to know what's best and to do it, then know that this is done and give thanks for the blessings. The only thing left to do is wait to see how the healing manifests.

Let me give you an example of a client, Debra, that Reiki brought to my door recently. She came to me knowing nothing of Reiki, all she knew was she had been guided to my door. She had been diagnosed with type 3 breast cancer, and a few weeks earlier had a mastectomy. There are many stories within her case, but let's focus now on non-attachment to outcome.

Debra is undergoing chemotherapy for four months prior to a bone marrow transplant, which she has been told is her only chance for survival.

We have been giving her Reiki to strengthen her, and to neutralize side effects of chemotherapy, while maximizing its benefits. She asked me to include in my prayer that she not lose her hair. I told her that I couldn’t do this. I said "I know Reiki will minimize the side effects, but I can’t limit our potential by asking for this specifically." Our prayer was that Reiki help the perfect healing take place for the highest good of all concerned, and that God's Will be done through us.

Debra did so well with her first round of chemotherapy, she found herself sending Reiki to the other patients on her floor, because they were having a much more difficult time than she.

Debra lost her hair, but the lady who sold her a wig, referred her to a friend who knows a lot about her type of cancer. This friend referred her to a special program at a hospital out of state, that has a much higher success rate than the hospital she had planned to attend. The new hospital encourages family involvement, and her doctor even encouraged her to continue with Reiki.

I know, with every atom of my being, Reiki's infinite wisdom chose for her to lose her hair, so this connection could be made. Debra is just one example of how wise Reiki truly is.

Healing is different than curing. Reiki produces beautiful results, we only need to be open to the many forms it takes.

I have been working for several months with a woman who has fibromyalgia. Because of her chronic pain, she has learned to suppress many of her feelings. When she is on the Reiki table she rarely "feels" anything happening. However, she processes quite a bit in her dream state after Reiki treatments, and is aware that she feels better hours, or days later. Her treatment is requiring deeply-seated fears and attitudes to be changed, and she is able to process these changes only gradually. However, Reiki is healing her a little at a time and I have absolute faith that she is healing in the most perfect way.

Reiki helped my grandmother leave this plane when her 92 year old body was ready to release her spirit. However, this did not happen until Reiki communicated what needed to be done. This special woman was in a self-imposed coma, after consciously choosing to die. She remained comatose for weeks, with only fluids to sustain her. I sat by her bed day after day, administering Reiki. Then one very special day, Reiki began to speak to me and gave me words to pray for her. She had some unfinished business, Reiki told me why she was hanging on, and Reiki delivered a beautiful prayer from my lips. As soon as the prayer was finished, my grandmother opened her eyes, looked right into mine, and said "Who are all those people with the red candles?" Reiki replied...."Those are the angels who have come to take you back to Jesus." She closed her eyes, sighed, and the first wisps of life force began to leave her body. She left this plane in peace....thanks to Reiki, the love of God. This was not a cure, but a true healing.

As Reiki practitioners we think of the energy as unconditional love. To produce the best possible results we must also unconditionally love Reiki. By allowing it to flow in its purest form and completely trusting it to do what’s best, we truly serve in the highest possible way as instruments of peace and healing.

In the Light of the Creator...We See Only Love