Solutions to Improve Your Reiki Practice

by William Lee Rand

Reiki is a fascinating practice. As we delve more deeply into it, we find there is always more to experience, more to learn, and deeper levels of ourselves to explore and heal. We are blessed with unlimited potential and are fortunate to have such a wonderful tool as Reiki to help us explore and develop our true nature. As we respect and cherish Reiki, it reveals its secrets to us.

A problem cannot exist unless its solution exists at the same time. It is just a matter of locating the solution and applying it to the problem. I am often asked questions about how to handle various situations that arise when practicing Reiki. I thought I would pass on a few of the most frequently asked questions, along with some useful solutions. Below are a few issues that students have questioned as well as a technique for dealing with an issue that some may consider unusual but for which Reiki is ideally suited.

Keeping Reiki Strong
Sometimes people mention to me that the Reiki treatments they are giving to themselves and others do not seem to produce the results they are accustomed to; they feel that their Reiki is not as strong as before. This problem does not seem to be isolated to any one lineage or type of Reiki, but has been expressed by practitioners of many different Reiki styles. Some practitioners may even stop using Reiki because they no longer feel it to be effective. Some teachers have commented that once one has Reiki, it does not diminish in strength, and they have chosen to ignore this question. Other Reiki masters simply assume that it is only a problem of awareness - that the practitioner's Reiki is still just as potent, and that the practitioner's awareness of it has diminished. This scenario is possible in some cases, and the results of an individual's treatments would demonstrate this if it is, indeed, true.

Nevertheless, if one's clients do not seem to be responding favorably and one's own self-treatments do not produce similar results as in the past, then we need to consider the possibility that the flow of one's Reiki actually has diminished. While it is true that a Reiki attunement will last a lifetime, it is still important to deal with the issue of reduced effectiveness if it manifests. While this situation does not happen frequently, when it does, it is important to understand why it happens and what can be done to restore a normal healthy flow of Reiki energy. Usually diminished Reiki flow occurs because the practitioner has developed a stagnant area in their energy system or other imbalances in their energy field which causes a decrease in the flow of Reiki to the client. When talking to people who have reported this problem, I often find that they have been experiencing unusual difficulties in their lives and may be feeling stressed-out. Also, it seems that they have been trying to take care of others, but have ignored their own needs and have not been receiving hands-on Reiki treatments themselves.

One of the qualities of Reiki consciousness is that it understands that we are all One, and it works with this understanding. This Oneness is not an abstract concept, but an everyday fact of life. In order to remain "in balance," we need to have contact with others and to ask them for help when we need it. I have found that in order to keep your Reiki flowing properly, it is important to receive Reiki treatments from others as well as to administer them. Those who find their Reiki energy weakening usually have not been receiving regular Reiki treatments. While self-treatments are important, they simply do not have the same effect as when one passively receives a treatment from another. Although this can be done by receiving a distant treatment, it is best accomplished by receiving a hands-on session. Once you have received one or two treatments, the pathways through which Reiki flows within your energy system will open, and your Reiki will begin flowing stronger than ever.

Remember, to stay in balance and to keep your Reiki strong, you need to receive Reiki from others as well as give it. If this has been a problem for you, call a Reiki friend to suggest that both of you exchange Reiki treatments regularly or, better yet, locate a local Reiki support group where people meet to share Reiki treatments with each other and make a commitment to attend regularly. Reach out to others - it's the Reiki Way!

Not Taking on the Client's Symptoms
Since Reiki is a channeled form of healing, the practitioner is not using their own energy and because the Reiki energy is guided by the "Higher Power," it is very unlikely that a practitioner will absorb any of the client's negative energy during a Reiki session. In fact, in the early days of Reiki in the West, it was stated that this could not happen. Yet, it has become clear to me and to other Reiki teachers and practitioners I have spoken with that occasionally a practitioner can have the experience of absorbing a portion of the client's pain or other symptoms. In other cases, a practitioner feels drained after a Reiki session. This experience is rare, but when it does happen, it can be uncomfortable for the practitioner. In some cases, the experience is so pronounced that they consider discontinuing the practice of Reiki. So, although it is not happening to many practitioners, the fact that it is happening to some is reason enough to understand why this sort of thing takes place and learn how to prevent it.

If you or any of your Reiki friends or students have experienced these situations, I suggest that you consider the following solutions. Nothing can happen to us unless we create it for ourselves on some level of our being. Seeking the cause of a situation within oneself opens the door to greater self-understanding and the possibility for deep healing. When a practitioner takes on a client's negative energy during a healing session or feels drained afterwards, it is usually due to something that the practitioner is doing energetically within the self, either consciously or unconsciously, to allow this to happen. There is usually a misunderstanding or a misalignment of energy within the practitioner’s energy field that invites the client's symptoms in. If practitioners have an unbalanced personal interest concerning the client or the Reiki session, either conscious or unconscious, they open themselves to having their energy drained or to taking on the client's symptoms.

Here are a few examples of what could be going on for some: The practitioner may have an unhealthy interest in "curing" the client. Or they may feel that in order to be "OK" as a healer, they must produce specific results. On some level of consciousness, the practitioner is willing to take on the client's pain or illness or give up some personal energy in exchange for being considered an effective healer. A practitioner who is working on a friend or relative may have a specific outcome they are desperately seeking because of the role that person plays in their life. Thus, a practitioner may also become open to taking on the client's symptoms as a way of helping the client achieve the desired results. Furthermore, a practitioner may have strong feelings of guilt and may feel that they deserve to be punished or restricted in some way. On an unconscious level, they invite the client's negative energy into their energy field as a way of self-punishment, and may also feel drained afterwards.

These tendencies usually arise from unconscious parts of the personality. These unconscious segments are usually attempting to produce a positive result, but in an unhealthy way. It is through the pathway of one's unhealthy personal energy and intentions toward the client that the symptoms of the client travel back into the practitioner's energy field. The practitioner is usually not aware of creating this and feels only the negative symptoms received with no clear explanation.

There are several things that can be done to remedy this situation. As a basis for administering Reiki treatments, it is important for the practitioner to always keep in mind the need to allow the Reiki energy to perform all of the healing work. To do this, one must set one's personal energies aside and get out of the way. Saying a prayer before beginning a treatment can help accomplish this. For example: "I ask that my personal energies be set aside so Reiki can flow in abundance."

Another level of help involves the use of the Usui power symbol and affirmations. Before beginning a treatment, draw the power symbol on the palms of each hand. In addition, draw a large power symbol down the front of your body and small power symbols on each chakra. As you do this, intend that doing so will prevent the client's symptoms from entering your energy field while leaving your own energy intact. Then to yourself, in a very certain and definite manner, repeat an affirmation such as this: "I choose not to take on the client's negative energy." Repeat these words several times before beginning the session.

The above methods are useful and will produce immediate results. However, the most effective way to deal with this problem is for the practitioner to focus on the part or parts of the self that is giving away energy or taking on the client's symptoms and heal that part. This can be done using various Reiki techniques including regular Reiki, the Healing Attunement, and Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery).

These three methods work best when done both as a self- treatment and by receiving treatment from another practitioner. These are powerful methods especially the third, and are likely to be accompanied by other changes in the practitioner's life involving how one takes care of oneself and relates to others. Once healed, the practitioner will be much stronger and will not have to deal with this problem again.

Reiki and Spirit Release
The idea that spirits can be the cause of ill-health and other problems has been a common belief among healers since ancient times. Jesus was said to heal by casting out spirits, moreover, present day healers continue to work with the idea that misguided spirits can cause problems. A plethora of techniques exists to release spirits which vary in effectiveness. I would like to describe a technique using Reiki that is both safe and highly effective. This technique can be used to release a spirit from a person or from a location such as a home. You do not have to be clairvoyant, be able to see the spirit, or know where it is specifically to use this technique.

Normally when a person's body dies, the spirit goes up to the light to be healed and blessed. However, in some circumstances, a spirit will become confused and not go to the light right away. The entity may remain close to the earth plane and dwell around familiar people or places. The spirit may become affected by lower desires and try to create problems for people. Usually this involves taking people's energy; causing them to feel weak. These spirits may cause confusion and other difficulties including poor health for the people they are in contact with. Sometimes they attach themselves to a person's aura, creating negative influences, or they may be connected to a home, hotel, or other building. If you are working with a client on a specific issue that doesn't seem to be clearing after several sessions, the client may have a spirit needing to be released. It's not necessary to tell the client they have a spirit unless you feel they will be able to accept this idea. If you don't feel it wise to tell the client, simply tell them you're going to use an advanced healing technique.

The working assumption with this technique is that the spirit is confused in some way and that is the reason why they are causing problems. The spirit needs to be healed so it can go to the light. This process is not a test of wills where you try to force the spirit to leave, it is a healing process. Also, you will not be using any of your personal energy in this process; an enlightened being will be doing the spirit release process for you and that is why it is safe. This process can be used to release spirits from people and also from locations such as from a home or building or an area.

Before beginning a spirit release session, it's necessary for you to develop a relationship with an enlightened being if you don't already have a relationship with one.. The reason this is important is that enlightened beings are free of ego and able to use the full power of the Source, (also called God, Holy Spirit, Higher Power etc.) This allows them to easily heal and release spirits. This includes spirits of any type no matter how powerful they may seem to be. To develop a relationship with an enlightened being, first decide on an enlightened being you'd like to work with. You can do this by reading literature on enlightened beings and choosing one you seem attracted to. Once you have one you'd like to work with, meditate each day by using the distant symbol and sending Reiki to the enlightened being. As you send Reiki say a prayer asking the enlightened being to strengthen your connection to them so they can help you with your work as a healer and especially with spirit release work. Do this a least 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks or more or until you feel a strong connection with the enlightened being.

1. Before beginning your spirit release session, say a prayer to your enlightened being asking them to protect you and to work with this process to heal and release the spirit.

2. Begin by sitting quietly, doing Reiki on yourself. Then draw Usui power symbols on your palms, and draw a large power symbol down the front of your body and small ones on each chakra intending that you are empowered and protected by the "Higher Power."

3. Now draw out the distant symbol, say its name three times, and using your intention, send Reiki energy directly to the spirit. Remember, you do not need to know where the spirit is. The distant symbol will act as a homing device, directing the Reiki to go to the spirit.

4. After sending Reiki to the spirit for a few minutes, say a prayer calling on your enlightened being and ask them to heal the spirit and completely release it and it take up to the light. Enlightened beings are very powerful and will easily be able to work with the spirit and take it up to the light. Once the spirit has gone to the light, it can no longer cause problems for people on Earth.

5. Continue sending Reiki for five to ten more minutes or until you feel the spirit has been taken up.

6. Sometimes the spirit will have left a residue of negative energy and/or negative effects. So, continue to send Reiki, but direct it using the distant symbol to any residue or effects that may have been left by the spirit. Now ask your enlightened to clear the residue and all effects. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes or until you feel the negative residue has been lifted.

7. Say a prayer of gratitude for the blessings and healings that you, your client, and the spirit have received.

If the spirit was attached to a person, that spirit will not be able to come back and cause problems again. However, it is likely that the person had attracted the spirit to begin with, and therefore, could attract another spirit if this weakness is not healed. To complete the healing, it is necessary to help the person heal the reason they attracted the spirit in the first place. This can be done with regular Reiki, The Healing Attunement, and Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery). You can also use the distant symbol to direct Reiki to the area that allowed the spirit to become attached and then call on an enlightened being to come and do the healing. I hope these techniques are useful for you and that they add to the quality of love and healing you share with others. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the Center.