Karuna Reiki® Healing Techniques

by Laurelle Gaia

One of the many wonderful characteristics of Karuna Reiki® is its inherent potential to increase our ability to discern spiritual guidance. This can be very valuable to help develop new, effective healing techniques. I plan to write, frequently about new techniques that Karuna Reiki® is teaching us and share them with you in Reiki News.

As we know, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. The integration of Karuna Reiki® into a treatment has helped activate new channels for the guiding energies to communicate techniques that may be unique to a particular situation. After implementing new techniques they often evolve so that they can be used in many circumstances.

Most recently on our Intensive Healing Retreat in Hawaii, I was offered a technique to help one of the participants heal from an injury. This student, along with several others made a journey to the volcano park in their off hours late one evening. It was very dark, and the volcanic rock, though beautiful, can be treacherous to walk on. On this evening, it was especially humid, which created very moist night air, causing the rock to be slippery. She fell and broke her left arm, and "injured" the right one. With the help of her Reiki friends, she visited the emergency room. Her left arm was x-rayed, but her right one was not. It was confirmed that the left arm was broken.

By the next morning she was experiencing excruciating pain and swelling in her right hand. During the morning healing circle and meditation the guides prompted me to ask the class to help her and we performed a group healing session. At the end of a session I was given a message that, when she returned to the mainland and saw her doctor, she would receive a miracle. In that moment I felt the energetic presence of the Karuna Reiki® symbol that helps enhance clairvoyance vibrating in my throat, third eye and crown chakras.

I experienced an x-ray like flash of vision, in which I actually saw inside her hand, saw a broken bone, and watched as if I were viewing a video being fast-forwarded. I was shown a vision of the bone healing, very quickly, as it was "rewoven" by ribbons of light. This triggered a knowingness that, although the hospital had not x-rayed the right hand, it was broken. This would account for the extreme swelling and severe pain also.

Of course, because Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, and because I didn't want to empower that thought, I didn't say anything. I simply focused on the image of the hand healing itself. Later that day, I was working with the Karuna Reiki® students in our class. We invited our friend into the class for a group treatment. As the session began, it became immediately apparent that we should incorporate chanting. A few of us worked with her "hands on" while others beamed and chanted with us.

As the energy increased, and the vibration grew higher, the guiding energies began to prompt me to create a special chant, combining the Karuna ReikiÆ level two symbol for physical healing, and the level one symbol for harmonizing the upper and lower chakras. These were chanted with intensity, in rapid succession.

The effect was that it caused unhealthy energy to lift from the physical body and settle in a "pocket" between the mental and emotional etheric bodies. Then the Karuna symbol, which facilitates cellular memory release and "psychic" surgery, was activated. As I held my hand out in her etheric field, in the area of the pocket of dense energy, it began to shake and vibrate uncontrollably and a brilliant beam of light began to flow into the area. This was all being supported by the group of practitioners who were channeling Karuna and Usui Reiki energy simultaneously.

Suddenly, the area of density burst into what appeared to be thousands of particles and they became pure white light. Her energy field became calm, the geometric patterns contained within it, were regular and smooth. The healing was complete. The next morning, the pain and swelling were greatly reduced.

In speaking to the student after we returned from Hawaii I learned that she did indeed receive her miracle which was promised that day during the healing circle. She told me that she knew the right hand had been broken, and when she had it x-rayed on the mainland, it was nearly healed with only minor bruising.

To recap the technique used for supporting the healing of a suspected broken bone, here are the steps we used:

1. Prayer of intention.

2. Activate Usui and Karuna Reiki® energies.

3. Strengthen your light with Usui power symbol over front of the body covering all chakras, and one smaller power symbol, over each chakra individually, and then beam light into your own energy cocoon.

4. Beam energy into the client's field, when possible have others help.

5. Activate the Karuna level two symbol that increases clairvoyance.

6. Chant the Karuna level two symbol for physical healing, followed by the level one Karuna symbol that harmonizes the upper and lower chakras. Chant them in rapid succession, with intensity for approximately 3-5 minutes.

7. Activate the Karuna level one symbol for cellular memory release and psychic surgery while working in the emotional and mental bodies until the release is complete.

8. Beam a combination of Karuna and Usui Reiki energy into the client's field until the healing is complete, and seal as you would normally.

9. Offer a prayer of thanks for the healing that has taken place, and acknowledge that it will continue.

I have had an opportunity to use this technique several times, with similar results, and I feel that it would be helpful in any emergency situation where physical healing is needed, and Reiki can be administered soon after the injury happens, or illness begins.

Karuna Reiki® is a wonderful healing gift. It is so exciting to have a tool like this that teaches more everytime we use it.

Karuna Reiki® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.