Reiki and Developing Higher Consciousness

by William Lee Rand

The practice of Reiki can be divided into two styles – the Japanese style and the Western style. The Western style, created by Mrs. Takata has its primary focus on following a set pattern of hand placements which is the same for each client. This treatment method covers the whole body and because of this, those areas most in need of Reiki always get treated. In addition, the Western style builds up a reservoir of Reiki energy in the aura of the client that stays with him or her and continues to promote healing after the session has ended.

The Japanese style places greater focus on developing awareness of the human energy field and the development and use of one’s intuition to determine how to treat each person. Because of this, a Japanese style Reiki session can be different each time a client is treated and will be based more directly on the needs of the client at the time of treatment.

While the Western style does make use of intuition to a certain extent, it is minimal and doesn’t teach the specific intuitive skills and techniques required in the Japanese style; nor does the Western style teach awareness of the human energy field. Because of the additional skills taught in the Japanese style it’s easier for a practitioner to continue to develop greater skill as a healer as ones sensitivity and intuition develop. In addition, the continued development of these skills can lead one into a deeper understanding of subtle energies and more easily allow the practice of Reiki to expand into a method of spiritual development.

One Japanese Reiki technique that develops awareness of the human energy field is byosen scanning. Byosen scanning is a technique to determine where the client is out of balance and in fact the word byosen means "location of disease". Therefore, byosen scanning is a technique for discovering those areas in need of Reiki. Byosen makes use of the sensitivity in the hands and is a skill anyone can learn. The Reiki attunement stimulates this ability by opening the palm chakras and making them more sensitive to the human energy field. It is taught in Reiki I or II and is also explained in Reiki, The Healing Touch. A video training session in byosen scanning is also provided on DVD in The Reiki Touch Kit.

As practitioners practice byosen scanning one's ability will improve allowing a more detailed awareness of areas of distress. This more detailed information can be used to inform one's ability to administer Reiki making it more effective. In addition after a while, practitioners often begin to sense the energy field and the areas of distress with the inner eye which provides visual impressions in addition to what is the awareness coming from the hands. Eventually some practitioners learn to scan with the eyes alone and are able to detect areas in need of treatment as soon as the client enters the treatment room or while the client is lying on the treatment table.

The subtle fields of consciousness that surround and penetrate the human body not only determine the quality of our health, but are also a more direct reflection of who we are. By giving us direct experience of the human energy field, byosen scanning allows us to be aware of others in a remarkable new way and enhances our understanding of what it means to be alive! As we become more aware of these energies, we become more consciously connected to the foundation on which our life is based.

Another Japanese Reiki technique that develops intuition is Reiji-ho. This is a method of knowing where a person needs Reiki directly through intuition. This technique involves the use of prayer and a request to be shown inwardly the areas in need of Reiki. When using this technique, one simply knows where to place ones hands. This may be directly on the body or locations away from the body and within the energy field.

Often the client will remark that the area chosen is an area where they have distress or a medical condition. At other times, the client may not know of a condition or have distress in the area chosen. If this is the case and the area is in the energy field, it usually indicates that they have a condition that hasn't yet developed in the physical body. By treating conditions of this type, one is practicing preventive Reiki in which a condition is healed before it affects the body and causes serious problems.

In addition, keep in mind that often the best place to treat isn't over the area in need, but in an area that is connected energetically to the area in need so the client may not report distress or a medical condition where you are guided to place your hands. This may seem illogical, but it's important to trust your intuition and treat where you are guided. In this situation, Reiki will enter the body and/or the energy field in one location, and travel to the area(s) in need. In any case, the client's system will be balanced, healing will take place and benefits of relaxation and stress reduction will be provided by the use of Reiki.

These directions are for practicing the Japanese Reiki technique mentioned above that allows you to intuitively know where to place your hands during a Reiki session.

  1. While standing next to the client, place your hands in the gassho position with both hands together similar to the prayer position in front of the heart.
  2. While in gassho, say a prayer on behalf of the client asking that they be deeply healed.
  3. Then move the prayer clasped hands up to the third eye which is between the eyebrows with the thumbs touching the third eye.
  4. With hands at the third eye position, ask that you be shown where the client needs Reiki. If the client has a specific condition, ask specifically where to place your hands to treat this condition, otherwise, simple ask where to place your hands. Still your mind, focus on the client and be aware of the area you are directed to.
  5. Give thanks for the guidance you've received.
  6. Use the information you've received to treat the client.

The use of Japanese Reiki techniques of this type develop new levels of awareness within the practitioner and open one more completely to a higher sense of knowing and to the amazing process through which our life and all of existence is manifest. As we develop these skills, in addition to becoming better healers, we're able to live our lives with greater confidence knowing that we can more effectively deal with all of life's issues and situations and solve them. May your developing awareness of Reiki fill your life with the wonder and fascination.