Karuna Reiki® Helps Terminal Cancer Patient

by Erika L. Duffy

I am a Karuna Reiki® Master in Goffstown, NH. A friend asked me to provide treatments for her aunt who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had been told that operating would be useless because the cancer had spread everywhere. She was receiving chemotherapy on a regular basis that left her sick and drained.

This lovely woman was physically incapable of doing anything for herself. Her family had to do everything for her. Mentally, she was extremely depressed and slept most of the day. It also affected her whole family as well, as they were trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

I went to the woman’s home to find that she could barely get up on the treatment table. I explained that in accepting the Reiki energy, she was accepting the power of healing herself on as many levels as she chooses. After that first session things started to change for her immediately. Her spirits were high and physically she improved so much that now she actually goes out for a ride twice a day, and socializes in a coffee house with her friends.

I have trained her niece so she can give her regular Reiki sessions. She explained the other day that her legs were becoming much stronger. She actually laughs now, her cancer is in remission and the doctors are confused about why she is in no pain and her tumors are not progressing. Her outlook has totally changed.

This gives me great joy and is one of the reasons I have been training so many medical professionals.

As this wonderful woman heals, her family will follow. Everyone heals just being around this loving energy.

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May blessings of joy fill you always.

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