by Mary Sturgis

What mirrors are your family members reflecting back to you? How are you responding to what you see? Are there some common themes or qualities that are being expressed from each member?

We are in a period of time where we can have many experiences and grow very rapidly from those experiences if we choose to do so. If you happen to live in a household with two or three young adults the experiences multiply. When there are many changes and not much time to integrate our feelings let alone communicate our feelings with one another, it can even feel stressful.

How can Reiki help bring flow and love to your family communications as we each grow individually? First we can use each Reiki symbol to meditate on for 2-3 minutes before we get out of bed in the morning. By thinking and intending that the symbols will flow through our thoughts and feelings all day this helps recognize that we are not victims of anything. We will breathe deeper and be able to take in our experiences through the day, when we use Reiki in this way.

Next say a prayer of intent and call on the overlighting deva of healing for your family and use the distant symbol to connect with each member seeing a column of light bathe each individual and the family as a whole. Using the emotional-mental symbol offer this blessing to all during the day calling forth clarity of communication with self and others.

Now seal the connection with light and love, giving thanks to each person's guide, angels and archangels. During the day bless each feeling that comes up as you interact with each family member. Identify as many feelings as you can without judgement. Bring each feeling into your heart center and ask to learn the wisdom of this experience and breathe deeply, expanding your heart center and see the Reiki symbols and their energy blend with the feelings.

The peace, clarity and beauty of each experience you have will move you along your path in a place of union and harmony no matter what dramas may develop around you. This union within yourself will carry outward and bless your family members allowing them to be in their experience of life with harmony and ease.