Expressing the Joy of Reiki

by William Lee Rand

After practicing Reiki for years, many of us know from experience that Reiki is a great healer. Reiki treatments have healed or greatly improved major and minor illnesses and medical conditions of every kind. And while a cure cannot be guaranteed, we know that there are many reported cases of major illness being healed through the use of Reiki that have often been verified with medical records. And when a complete healing does not take place, almost always the person’s condition improves in one way or another. Also, we know that Reiki improves the results of other forms of medical treatment, acting to quicken healing after surgery, shorten hospital time and decrease the negative effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or drug therapy. Nurses love Reiki as they find it helps the patient relax, improves sleep, decreases anxiety, increases appetite, reduces pain etc.

So, we know that Reiki heals, and this is a wonderful gift that has been used to relieve the suffering of thousands of people all over the world. But what about other possibilities for its use? In the Reiki Ideals, Dr. Usui calls Reiki the secret art of inviting happiness and on the Usui Memorial stone at the Saihoji temple in Tokyo, Reiki is called the ancient secret method for gaining happiness. So, here we have a clear indication that Reiki has a purpose other than healing. But how many have taken the time to explore this use?

Most people want happiness, yet how often do we really pursue it? Here is an experiment that will allow you to experience the secret art of inviting happiness right now! Begin doing Reiki on yourself. Once the energy starts flowing, begin repeating this affirmation. I ask that the joy of Reiki will continuously express through me. Say this affirmation over and over and keep going for 10 to 15 minutes or more. If you have any issues you are working on, any challenging situations, or any aches or pains in your body or medical or psychological conditions, focus on them as you say this affirmation. As you read this article, I ask you to not just read, but go ahead and try what I am suggesting right now! Stop reading for a moment, place your hands on yourself, ask Reiki to flow and repeat this affirmation over and over: I ask that the joy of Reiki will continuously express through me. Try this now!

So, what did you feel? Has your level of joy increased? If you were feeling depressed, or down, or upset in any way, has this lessened? Are things starting to shift toward a more positive state of mind? Are you feeling better? Keep doing it and remember to do it whenever you get a spare moment throughout the day.

As you continue with this experiment, you may also find that opposing, negative thoughts or feelings may be stimulated and come to the surface of your mind. If this happens, focus on what comes up and continue to do Reiki on yourself and repeat the affirmation I ask that the joy of Reiki will continuously express through me. As you do this, these negative feelings will be healed. They may dissolve or they may be released or transformed in some way!

After doing this exercise off and on for a few hours or so, you may notice that joyous feelings come over you unexpectedly even when you are not doing the exercise. Let it happen and give thanks for this wonderful experience that is developing in you. You may also notice that your conversations are more lively, animated and filled with interesting comments and that you make friends more easily and have a more positive attitude toward yourself and others!

Your creativity will be enhanced, you will be more productive and also find it much easier to exercise, diet, or do anything that is healthy!Another interesting experience is that aches and pains or other ailments you have been experiencing will be reduced or eliminated. This is because the joy you are experiencing is not ordinary joy, but because it comes from Reiki, it's healing joy! It is being generated from within and is a very powerful healing energy.

I believe that the reason this exercise is so powerful is that it activates the two qualities Dr. Usui stated Reiki to have: The ability to create happiness and the ability to heal. So I recommend you practice this exercise everyday! And also tell all your Reiki friends about it. If you are a Reiki teacher, ask your students to try it. Remember, as a wise person once said: “It is better to feel good, than to feel bad. So activate your Reiki joy and share it with others. It will make the world a better place. May the power of Reiki bless your every moment.