Create a Happier, Healthier Life with Reiki

by William Lee Rand

There is no need for you to live a dull, humdrum life, or a life devoid of joy and satisfaction, or a life in which the most important and cherished parts of who you are go unrecognized, unexpressed and unfulfilled. It's possible for you to take action and release yourself from the restrictions that prevent you from claiming the life you deserve, the life that deep inside you know the Universe wants you to live.

You are an amazing being, capable of creating and accepting healthy change within yourself and within your life. It's possible for you to experience personal growth, healing and transformation in a way that is exactly right for you so that you begin living a life of greater happiness, health and well-being.

Life by its very nature is a process in which change is constantly taking place. Many of these changes are actually opportunities that are often hidden from our awareness by our attitude toward them. However, once a person decides on a clear direction in which he or she wants to go, and persistently and openly looks for opportunities to move in that direction, it's as though blinders are removed from one's eyes and the opportunities become clearly apparent. In addition, our minds are like magnets and as we maintain our purpose, we attract to us additional opportunities that are often exactly what we need to move forward with our plans.

Definiteness of Purpose, Sustained Over Time
Always Produces Results

One of the most important principles of life is that we are reality generators. We are constantly creating the life we live through the attitudes, values and beliefs we hold that in turn guide our actions, or lack of action. Think about this. Your entire life is being created by your state of mind. This includes your method of livelihood, your income, your assets, the quality of your relationships including your friends and other people in your life, along with the home and neighborhood you live in and everything else that is being created by the kind of thoughts and feelings that take place within you. And you have the ability to change your state of mind and in so doing, change your life!

This is the "secret" understanding that has guided people throughout the history of the world to create the lives they desired to live and often to become people of great renown—if this is what they desired. By healing your self-image as well as your attitudes, values and beliefs, you will transform your life.

My 40 plus years of experience in the field of personal development and healing has demonstrated to me that this is true. And this idea has also been validated by hundreds of others who have improved their lives and written about how they did it. Improving your outer world starts by improving your inner world. This includes not just your conscious mind, but your subconscious mind—the part of yourself that you aren't aware of. And in fact this is true to such an extent that if you want to know what is going on within your subconscious mind, all you have to do is carefully look at what is going on in your outer world. Look at the people in your life; look at all of them including the ones you like and the ones you don't like, and you'll get an idea of the kind of energies that flourish within your subconscious mind. Who you are on the inside is an open book being displayed to you right before your eyes on a daily basis.

This idea might feel uncomfortable if there are people in your life you don't like. Sometimes people tend to blame those in their lives they don't like for holding them back, but actually, if we accept responsibility for attracting them or choosing them to be in our lives, we move from the position of victim to the possibility of becoming a victor. We move from a feeling of powerlessness to a feeling of empowerment. And this is true power, healthy power that allows us to gain power over ourselves, over who we are and what we can become, rather than the attempt to have power over others, which can never produce healthy results. Once you have taken back your power, the healthy thing to do is to forgive the people in your life you don't like. As you do this, an amazing thing happens—you'll also be forgiving those parts of yourself that attracted these people into your life in the first place. You'll be forgiving the parts of yourself that you don't like and by doing this, begin to like yourself more, too. As this process unfolds, the people you don't like will have less power over you; they'll affect you less and less. Over time, as you continue with this process, it is even possible that you'll begin to actually have love for them. This is a good sign as it also indicates that you'll be loving yourself as well. This is important because one of the most significant things you can do to become happier and healthier is to improve the quality of your friendships and relationships as well as your feelings toward yourself.

Reading this article and understanding what I'm saying is important, but in order to benefit from these ideas, you have to actually use them to make changes in your life. And if you are hesitating right now about actually taking action to change your life because the challenge to do so seems a little daunting, take heart—you have an ally waiting in the wings who is ready to come forward and assist you in making these changes. This ally is loyal and kind yet powerful, forgiving and wise, loving and skillful and can open doors for you that will make it easier to move forward into your new life. This ally is Reiki. Yes, Reiki energy is all of these things and more. Thousands of people have used Reiki to heal their lives, to transform themselves and do the wonderful things I've mentioned above. Reiki is a beautiful gift whose very purpose is to help you heal and become happier and healthier.

Below are instructions on how to use Reiki to realize your dreams. By following these steps you'll feel better right away and over time you'll see healthy changes taking place in your life—changes that are meaningful for you and bring you the things that are exactly right for you to become the person you've always wanted to be. It may take some time to put these instructions into practice, but believe me, it will be worth it.

  1. Take some time by yourself in a place where you will not be disturbed. Begin giving yourself Reiki. Use any symbols you feel guided to use, or if you don't have symbols, just use Reiki and it will work just fine. Say a prayer calling on the source of Reiki, or on God, or the Holy Spirit, or Jesus or any of the other fully Illumined beings to be with you and help you. Ask to be guided in this process in a way that will produce results that are entirely healthy and uplifting and empowered by the highest spiritual wisdom.
  2. Allow yourself to be open to new ideas and allow yourself to be guided by Reiki to be shown a condition or situation that would be healthy for you to develop in your life. You might find yourself thinking about an improvement in something you already have or are doing or something entirely new. Take your time in allowing your guidance to work and in making your decision, as it's important that you decide on something that is meaningful to you and will make you healthier and happier. Your goal may come to you right away, or it could come to you hours or days later while you're walking down the street or driving or relaxing or involved in some other activity. Or this may be something you've already thought about, and you will use this process to refine your goal or increase your resolve to achieve it.
  3. After you have received your goal, think of Reiki and allow it to flow as you create a statement that embodies your achievement of this goal. Your statement might be worded like this: I am empowered by Reiki in the creation of a happier, healthier life, or I am empowered by Reiki to develop a strong, healthy body, or I am empowered by Reiki to develop wonderfully healthy friendships and relationships, or whatever you have chosen as your goal.
  4. Write your statement on a small card. Carry the card with you, and each morning draw your Reiki symbols over the card (if you have symbols), place it between your hands and give the card Reiki. As you do this, repeat your statement over and over with a feeling of gratitude that it is fulfilled.
  5. Carry the card with you and throughout the day, whenever you have a spare moment, repeat the process listed above.
  6. It will also be necessary for you to create an action plan. This is a plan that contains things you need to do to achieve your goal. Ask Reiki to flow and guide you as you create your plan. Write out your plan and take time to think about it and modify your plan as your understanding of what is needed to accomplish your goal develops.
  7. Add your written plan to your daily ceremony of giving your statement Reiki energy.
  8. Follow your plan. This is the key to success with this process.
  9. If you have difficulty following your plan, or if you get stuck on any step in your plan, send Reiki to the step. Ask Reiki to help you decide if this is a good and necessary step or if it needs to be modified. Modify your plan only if this is your clearest and best thinking, but keep in mind that there may be some parts of your plan that are difficult, but necessary. Ask Reiki to heal and empower you to accomplish the step. The achievement of your goal may require that you learn new skills or develop a more positive attitude.
  10. Be aware that as you follow your plan, parts of yourself that oppose your goal may come up and begin trying to convince you that your goal isn't a good idea. You may begin to feel unworthy of achieving your goal or you may feel tension or uncomfortable feelings about your goal. Be aware that this is part of the healing process. These uncomfortable feelings are coming up so they can be dealt with, healed and released. Be sure to set aside extra time to use Reiki to work on these feelings. Remember that your outer world can only change as your inner world is healed. Healing any parts of yourself that don't want you to achieve your goal is a very important and necessary part of the process of achieving your goal.
  11. Develop a support system of people to help you heal issues as they come up and to deal with any stress concerning the achievement of your goal. These people can include other Reiki people to share sessions with, a massage therapist, a psychotherapist, an acupuncturist, a nutritional counselor, a cranial sacral therapist, close supportive friends to share your goal, plans and experiences with, etc.
  12. Also be aware that there may be people in your life who will not want you to achieve your goal. They may make invalidating statements to you about your goal, or make fun of you or try to discourage you. If you can convince them that this goal is right for you, then that is good, but if you can't then you need to stop talking with them about your goal; just keep it to yourself when around them. If they continue to discourage you anyway, you may need to consider not seeing those people any more. As you upgrade your life, letting go of friends and people in your life that don't support you is often a necessary part of achieving your goal.
  13. Use Reiki to make new friends who are positive and happy and support you in the achievement of your goal.
  14. Keep track of your progress by checking off the steps in your plan as you achieve them. Share your accomplishments with your supportive friends and celebrate them. One way to know if you are making progress is to look at your life. If your attitudes and beliefs about your life are improving and if the actual circumstances in your life are getting better, then you'll know for certain that your plan is working. This will inspire you to be even more enthusiastic about continuing with your plans.
  15. Read through these guidelines regularly. Doing so will reinforce your resolve, and you are also likely to see things you've previously missed or see them in a new, more meaningful way.
  16. In order to be successful, you must be persistent. Continue to follow this plan until you accomplish your goal.

If you have read to this point then you must be a person who wants to improve yourself. Life is an open book, which you are writing. Anything anyone else has accomplished, you can accomplish. A power resides within you that if accepted and acted on will fulfill your dreams. What is necessary is for you to decide to do it.