Harmony in the Reiki Community

by William Lee Rand

A strong Reiki community where all Reiki schools are represented and working with mutual support for each other is a much better position for a positive effect on the local community and the world. A great need for Reiki exists in the world now, and the better we join together, the greater benefit we will be able to offer.

Negative competition between some Reiki groups in the past surfaced and although it seems to be subsiding, I feet there is still a need to look at the issue. Some have said that their form of Reiki is the only valid form or that their group is the best Reiki group. They have used fear and misinformation to dissuade their students from associating with other Reiki people. Such attempts damage the Reiki community, tend to give Reiki a bad name, and adversely affect the healing available to those involved within the group. It also detracts from the strength and well being of the Reiki community and diminishes the help that can be provided to the community at large.

I focus on the issue because I know it really needs to be dealt with. However, I am also aware of many areas where the problem has been solved or did not exist, and I want to acknowledge those Reiki people for being aware enough and secure enough to have created a vital, loving, cooperative Reiki community,

A well organized Reiki community made up of many different Reiki groups and schools working in harmony can do so much more than working in isolation. The feelings that can come from being part of such a group are absolutely wonderful.

This is an excerpt from an article in the Spring 2003 issue of the Reiki News Magazine.