Treating Stroke

by Mari Hall

This is an effective Reiki technique for treating anyone who has experienced a stroke. It is also effective for all motor/neurological issues including dyslexia, Parkinson's, MS and more. This technique helps heal and balance energy patterns on all levels.

With the client on their back have them cross the right ankle over the left. Also, have them cross their arms so that the left wrist is crossing the right wrist, the hands are resting on the chest. Treat both sides of the head with Reiki for about 20 minutes and then have them switch—left ankle over right, right wrist over left and treat through the head again. If more than one person is giving Reiki then the other person can place their hands on the places that are crossed and give Reiki. The results are amazing. I have also used this with pulmonary edema when a person could hardly breathe because of the fluids. In 20 minutes the swelling was visibly diminished.

(Editors Note: When giving a self treatment, you can also extend the hands up to hold each of the opposite shoulders.) Thanks goes to Mari Hall for this wonderful treatment method.