The Many Uses of Reiki

by William Lee Rand

Most people are aware of how to use Reiki to heal themselves and others, but there are many other uses. In fact, Reiki is such a versatile tool; it can be used for almost everything. Because of this, it’s important to always remember to use Reiki whenever you need help with anything. Here are a few ideas that will help you include Reiki in more of your life activities.

Reiki can be used in many of your gardening activities such as: Reiki your seeds or seedlings before planting them. Reiki your planting soil. Reiki your plants regularly to help them grow. You can also Reiki the water before watering your plants. As you sit and relax by our garden or by your house plants, think of them and send them Reiki. This will provide a way for you to actually feel their energy and know on an energetic level what it’s like to be a plant. This shift in your state of mind can be very refreshing and create greater levels of creativity and mental clarity.

Healing Your Home
Reiki can be used to clear negative energy from the rooms of your home and lighten up the energy. To do this, enter the room you wish to heal, use the power symbol if you have it and send Reiki into the corners and middle of the room, as well as the walls ceiling and floor. This will make a big difference in how you feel being in the room. It will be healthier, and more inviting. You’ll be able to relax more easily, have a better time and so will your guests. If you’re working on a project in the room, you’ll be more productive, creative and effective with your work. The process can really improve the quality of your parties, meetings and social gatherings and will work wonders for your Reiki/meditation room too. As you give Reiki to the room, talk to it letting the room know how much you appreciate it. Most people spend a lot of time in their homes, so it’s important to take good care of your homes energy.

Cooking, Baking and Dining
Reiki can be used like an additional ingredient to any recipe. While stirring a pot of soup or sauce or other food that’s cooking on the stove, think of Reiki and intend that Reiki is flowing from your hand down the spoon and into the soup or whatever you’re stirring. When mixing a cake or making the crust for a pie or kneading doe for bread think of Reiki and allow Reiki to flow into the ingredients. This will add extra life energy to the food and increase the enjoyment for those who eat it. When dinning, remember to give Reiki to your food before you eat it. This will enhance the flavor and also prepare your stomach and digestive system to receive the food, improving digestion and increasing the absorption of nutrients.

This is an important area of life. In fact, studies have shown that the quality of our relationships is directly related to our health. The healthier our relationships, the healthier we become. People who are closely connected emotionally to their family or have a network of friends they can trust and share their personal lives with have less heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other life threatening illnesses than those who don’t. Because of this, it’s really important to spend some time developing close personal relationships. Reiki is an excellent tool for this. If you have friends or family members you’d like to be closer to, send them Reiki using the distant symbol and add the mental/emotional symbol. This will strengthen the positive energies that flow between you and your friends or family members and create a more trusting, open hearted acceptance between you and them. If it feels like they would be open to this, let them know you’d like to send them Reiki just for their benefit and get their agreement. However, it’s not necessary to get permission for this as Reiki respects the free will of others and if you send it to someone who doesn’t want it, the Reiki energy will not affect them, but if they do want it, it will zoom right in and benefit them. When sending Reiki in this way it’s likely that you’ll feel what its doing and know if they don’t want it and if that’s the case, will know to stop sending it. If this happens, then try it with someone else until you find friends or family members who accept the Reiki you send. Remember that while you’re sending Reiki to someone else, the Reiki will be treating you too, so using Reiki in this way is doubly beneficial!

Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth
Women who have had fertility problems have used Reiki to increase their fertility and to conceive. This is most effectively done when both the husband and wife have Reiki and give each other Reiki everyday during the conception process. This builds a feeling of trust, love and support between the prospective parents, thus creating a more accepting and inviting environment for a child to be born into. This has a positive affect on the spirit of the child before conception. The spirit of the child is often hovering around the possible parents deciding if the husband and wife are right for them to accept. The increased love and support the spirit feels from the Reiki energy makes it easier for him or her to make a positive decision, thus adding its positive decision and energy to the conception process. Once conception takes place, Reiki can be used throughout the pregnancy to add to the health and well-being of mother and child and especially to create a wonderful feeling of love that is very nurturing for the unborn baby. During the childbirth process, the husband can be present to add emotional support and give Reiki which will reduce or even eliminate pain, help all the physiological process work more easily and add additional energy that will help the mother give birth.

Sunburn, Insect bites and Poison Ivy
Sunburn can be treated with the hands placed on either side of the sunburned area. Or Reiki hands can be used a distance away from the burn or even through the use of the distant symbol at a distance of several feet or more. Often Reiki will produce a cooling affect when treating sunburn, as well as reduce the pain and help the sunburn to heal with minimal pealing.

Insect bites respond quickly to Reiki. These include mosquitoes, bee, hornet and wasp stings and other bug bites. Just apply Reiki over the sting until the pain and swelling go away or are reduced. If a person is allergic to the insect bite or if there are a lot of them, and the condition seems serious, consider getting medical help at the same time Reiki is applied.

Poison Ivy can be painful and often serious depending on how allergic a person is to it. Apply Reiki similarly to sunburn above. Also a general treatment with a focus on the adrenals, kidneys, liver and upper chest are recommended.

Sports and Exercise Injuries
Sprains and sore or pulled muscles respond quickly to Reiki when Reiki is applied immediately. This is because the injury is new and the injury pattern hasn’t had a chance to spread throughout the physical or energetic system yet. By applying Reiki right away, quick healing can take place. As an example, I walk regularly often walking four miles a day. In the winter months it’s dark in the early morning hours when I go out and once while walking at a fast pace I placed my foot on the edge of a pot hole I hadn’t seen and twisted my ankle. It was very painful, and I kind of fell/sat down on the side of the road. I immediately applied Reiki and the pain began to subside. Then I noticed I could feel and actually see the Reiki energy doing its work. It stabilized the etheric matrix around the ankle which allowed the sprained tissues to begin returning to their normal healthy condition very quickly. Within ten minutes I could stand and walk slowly. I sent the ankle Reiki as I walked and soon was walking faster. Later in the day I felt some pain returning, but another ten minute session of Reiki removed the pain and the ankle healed completely shortly after that. Another time I was in a volley ball game and sprained my wrist. While still in the game, I gave my wrist Reiki. It healed quickly, much to the surprise of my team mates and the opposing team. I was able to stay in the game and keep playing. Sore or pulled muscles respond in a similar way to Reiki. The important thing is that they received Reiki right away. As you can imagine, Reiki can be very helpful to athletes who get minor injuries while involved in their sport. Often self-Reiki can be applied which will allow the athlete to remain in the game or to continue with their walk or run etc.

Computers and Electronic Equipment
If you have trouble with your computer, printer, fax machine or any electronic equipment, try giving it Reiki. I’ve received many reports from people who have tried everything to fix their equipment and gotten no results, until they used Reiki.

Parking Spaces
Say a prayer and send Reiki ahead to the parking lot you’ll be going to asking that a parking spot will be available in a convenient location. Reiki has an amazing way of guiding you and others to frequently make this happen. Reiki also takes the stress out of the process helping you feel more calm and relaxed.

Car Batteries
This is one some people have trouble believing, but Reiki does help restore car batteries enough to start a car. This has been demonstrated over and over. If your car isn’t starting because the battery is weak, just place your hands near the car battery, and use the power symbol if you have it. Reiki for 5-10 minutes, then try starting the car again. You can also send Reiki from within the car using the distant symbol. This can be a real life saver, not to mention saving time and money if you avoid having to call a tow truck. This technique also works with cell phone batteries. You’ll often get one or two more bars on your battery meter and be able to make a call. Again, this can be very helpful, especially if it’s an urgent call that needs to be made.

Learning and Studying
To improve the comprehension and retention of information you’re studying, take a few minutes to give Reiki to the book or Internet page that contains the information. Use the mental/emotional and power symbols if you have them. This will reduce stress within the parts of your mind responsible for understanding and memory and allow them to function more easily. This process will also make the information more interesting and enjoyable to study.

Creativity and Problem Solving
If you’re working on a creative project or responsible for finding solutions to problems or difficulties, give Reiki to the project or situation. You’ll find your mind opening up to new levels of awareness that contain better ideas and ways to deal with what you’re working on. I call on Reiki all the time to help me with my projects such as producing this online newsletter, publishing the Reiki News magazine, writing a new book, or upgrading class workbooks, or solving a multitude of problems and challenges that are part of my Reiki practice and also simply part of everyday living. Remember, happy and successful peopl aren’t people who have no problems, they’re people who have learned solve problems in positive and effective ways!

These are just a few of the many ways Reiki can be used to enhance the quality of your life. I suggest you read through this article several times and then always to remember to use Reiki whenever you need help or want something to work better.