Karuna Reiki® - Miraculous Cancer Healing

by Lorena and David Solinger

On a November Tuesday we received a call from our friend Earl that his dearly beloved mother, Darlene, was dying. One week prior she had been in perfect health. Then suddenly all of her motor coordination became disjointed and she became unable to speak in complete sentences. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctor gave a prognosis of approximately 30 days for Darlene to live.

We told Earl that we would see her in the next week or two to say our good-byes as she was hospitalized more than two hours from our home.

On Thursday Earl called again telling us that his mother's condition had been downgraded and she had worsened considerably. Her medical condition would allow her to be coherent for perhaps only a few more days. Earl said, "If you desire to see my mom you should do so right away."

Friday we went to the hospital. Prior to arriving at the hospital we performed distance Reiki on both Darlene and her family in anticipation of her treatment. Upon arriving we found Darlene to be in excellent spirits yet tired and drained, and at the same time very peaceful. Our dear friend said, "I am at peace. Whatever God has in store for me I am ready." There was finality in her words and beautiful acceptance in her voice. As we continued our visit we began to treat her with Karuna Reiki®. Within minutes Darlene's speech began to improve. One visitor in the room stated to Darlene, "You're starting to talk in more complete sentences."

The majority of the Karuna symbols utilized in her treatment were the Karuna I symbols. The Karuna II symbol for peace and trust were used as was one of the Master symbols.

Prior to our leaving, Darlene was able to sign what she and all of us believed to be her last legal documents evidencing her final intent upon her passing. Upon leaving Darlene said a very final good-bye. We were uplifted by the quality of our visit, Darlene's acceptance of peace and the beautiful time we had shared.

We informed Earl that we would call the following Monday. Monday came and went without calling Earl due to our hesitation. However, on Tuesday we spoke with Earl and upon hearing his voice it was obvious he was elated. He could not stop talking. He immediately began to speak of our visit with his mother. First, he said that once we arrived Darlene's condition was at its optimum level since the time of her being stricken with her partial paralysis.

He went on and excitingly said, "as soon as you began your treatment and following your treatment after you left the hospital room my mother began to improve dramatically. Her speaking functions were fully restored. She regained full use of her arms and legs and the doctors have said her turnabout is remarkable!"

As we write this, during the first week of December, Darlene has already left the hospital and was in a convalescent home preparing to return to her home. More conventional cancer treatments are now contemplated because the doctors now say Darlene will no doubt have at least a year to live.

In several follow up conversations with both Darlene and her son since the time of our initial treatment, we have been informed that the doctors are re-testing her to ascertain whether or not the cancer is in remission and believe that this might be the case. As of this writing we are planning to visit Darlene for her next Karuna treatment.

The miracles continue.

Karuna Reiki® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.