Reiki and Angels

by Diane Shewmaker

Reiki is a wonderful healing system through which the angels may work. There are several ways to enlist the help of angels during a Reiki treatment, first as guides, helpers and protectors, and then using some specific practices such as angelic light weaving, angel therapy and the Lightarian AngelLinks™. All of these methods beautifully complement and enhance Reiki healing.

Angelic Light Weaving
Angelic light weaving is a healing method transmitted through the angelic kingdom that guides you in weaving angelic energies and Reiki in various patterns throughout a person’s entire energy system. I learned the basic technique from a healer named Frank Alper ( and further developed it with the help of the angels over time.

You may weave light above, below, and around the receiver’s entire body or weave the angelic energies within a particular chakra or area of the body. The light weaving energies emanating from your hands and fingertips can be used as a form of aura cleansing as well as to assist the physical and various subtle bodies to realign, reintegrate and repattern. Imagine yourself as a mystical weaver, creating a cloth of light energy with clear, golden and other multicolored threads!

Angelic light weaving can be used at any time during a session to clear the physical space where you are working, scan the auric field, release undesirable energies and blocks and infuse a particular energetic quality into the auric field. The sacred symbols of Reiki may also be woven into the auric field.

Call on the archangels and angels with your intention and invite their energetic flow to move through your heart chakra and into your arms and hands. Ask them to guide your arms and hands, as they are master light weavers. Relax yourself completely and allow your movements to be gentle, smooth and firm so as not to agitate the energy field. Your movements may be near yet not touching the physical body, or they may be from several inches or even several feet away from the body.

Angelic light weaving is entirely intuitive and varies from moment to moment during a session. You might have your hands above the person’s head, where you feel drawn to light weave for a period of time. Next you might find yourself placing your hands directly on the feet for a few minutes, then beginning to light weave once again over the legs. One hand might be on the body, while the other is light weaving. From there you sense the need to place your hands on the person’s shoulders for a time and so on. The creative possibilities for various ways your hands and arms might move during angelic light weaving are endless.

Sometimes the motions of your light weaving will be large, and at other times tiny, intricate and delicate. The movements might be made in a pulling or scooping motion to draw out any energies being released from the physical and subtle bodies. You can also shoot the energy out the tips of your fingers like a laser beam to direct it to specific areas for cleansing and release. When used in this way, angelic light weaving can be thought of as a form of psychic surgery.

At certain times, you may be guided to light weave a particular vibrational energy for the benefit of the recipient such as forgiveness, courage or self-love. To accomplish this, you can call on by name the archangel or angel who oversees the desired quality. If you do not know the name, simply call on the energy stream of the quality itself, and this will bring forth the appropriate light being from the angelic realm to assist you with the light weaving. You also can simply ask to light weave whatever quality would be for the highest good of the client without having to specifically name it.

Another application of light weaving is for healing and repairing areas of the physical and etheric bodies that have been affected by surgery or some other form of trauma (the etheric body is an energy duplicate of the physical body and is found in the layer of the auric field closest to it). To illustrate, a woman came who had just had surgery on her arm for removal of a melanoma, which is an often fatal form of skin cancer. The surgeons had removed several deep layers of skin in a circular area about two inches in diameter. Angelic light weaving was applied directly to this area over the course of several sessions. The doctors commented on how rapidly the large wound healed. Further, there has not been a recurrence of skin cancer since the surgery, which was about four years ago.

You might also use angelic light weaving for self-healing at any time whenever you feel the need. Try this experiment right now! Close your eyes and open your heart to receive the angelic energies. Ask for a particular angelic quality to come through your heart and hands you may be in need of at this time, such as compassion or joy, and now raise your hands and weave them throughout your own energy field.

Breathe in the energies as you light weave, and allow yourself to gradually relax into the process. Notice what happens as you welcome the infusion into your energy field. Intend the energies go into every muscle, bone, organ, gland and tissue within your physical body, as well as into every atom of your being. If you feel a particular place in your body and/or an emotional/mental pattern you are in process of healing and that body wants extra attention, focus the light weaving in these areas for a time. Also ask the angels to carry the light weaving energies to those places where you cannot reach including your entire auric field. Once you feel complete with the first quality, ask for another and begin again. Notice how each quality carries its own vibration. When you are done, simply lower your arms and move gracefully into your daily activities.

Angelic light weaving may be used in many other ways including enhancing vitamins or medicines, clearing stones and crystals, blessing food and sending healing energies to the Earth.

This is an excerpt from an article in the Fall 2002 issue of Reiki News Magazine.