What is Imperfection?

by Helen Sonobe

A major lesson I have learned on my Reiki path is that what I perceive as the imperfections in my life are the most valuable lessons for my growth and well-being.

What wondrous things life's lessons are. It has brought into my life situations and people who have taught me that, what I perceive as imperfections in my life, are but lessons to be learned. Thus bringing the realization that what is happening is as it should be and that I'm perfect (imperfect).

It is the realization that everyone learns and heals at different rates and that what I am learning and how I am healing is all in perfection for my well-being. What is important is to recognize and acknowledge this and open our hearts, our total being, to the lessons that abound around us. By recognizing the lessons and learning from them, personal growth and well-being takes place in a joyous way.

When I ignore the lesson that is before me, fear, frustration and doubt creep back into my life. It is during these times that I realize how fortunate I am to have Reiki as a part of my life to help me through life challenges. To see the situation for what it is...a lesson; to feel the healing energies of Reiki; and know that everything is in perfection allows me to meet the challenge, learn the lesson, and grow with Love and Joy.

As my life journey continues, I awake each day with great joy, gratitude, and expectation for the lessons to be learned, and the knowingness that I am part of a wonderful and Divine plan.

Do not be afraid, put down your cloak of darkness and soar to the Heavens. Let the Light shine brightly on you for you are a deserving and loving child of God. Fear not, fly high and set yourself free. Be still and you will hear the sweet song of You. Let your Light shine brightly for it will bring you great happiness and joy, bringing Love to you and the world. Open the Door and awaken to the wonders of You. Know that you were made in perfection. Set yourself free and fly!