Clairvoyant Confirmation

by Michelle Griffith

In my work I have found it valuable to call on the services of clairvoyant healers to help with my own healing as well as to gain a better understanding of how healing energies work. One of the most clear clairvoyants I have worked with is Michelle Griffith. She has the ability to see and understand Reiki energy and tell the difference between different kinds of Reiki and other healing energies. In addition, she can read the aura and chakras, communicate with your guides and higher self, read past lives and help you understand and heal your issues. In the eight years I have worked with Michelle, I have never encountered an issue she was not able to help me with.

Once when I was talking to her on the phone, I decided to try an experiment. I knew the Reiki symbols worked, but wanted to see if their effect could be detected by a sensitive clairvoyant. Michelle has not taken 2nd degree Reiki and does not know what the symbols are or what they are for. Since we were doing this over the phone, she could not see what I was doing and would only be able to tell by the changes she perceived in my energy field. So, first I had her read my energy field to get a base line. Then I began doing Reiki on myself and asked her to tell me what she saw. She said, "I see healing energies coming in through the crown chakra, then flowing to your heart, then through your arms and hands and circulating around in your body. You are doing Reiki on yourself."

Then without telling her what I was doing, I drew the Reiki power symbol on my hands and continued to do Reiki on myself, then asked her what she saw. She said, "Now I see the healing energy coming in your crown, but it goes right back out and forms a box of light around you - you are protecting yourself." Protection is one of the uses of the Power symbol!

Then I drew the mental/emotion symbol on my hands and while continuing to do Reiki again I asked her what she saw. She said, "Now the energy comes in, but goes out your heart and solar plexus into your aura. It is healing on a higher level, working on your emotions and thoughts processes."

Then I drew the distant symbol on my hands and thought of a friend and began sending distant Reiki to her. Michelle said, "Now your entire energy field has increased in vibration and you are surrounded by blue light, there is a beam of light coming from each hand and going out. The beams of light cross about 40 miles away and there is a person there. You are sending distant Reiki to them." So, without knowing the Reiki symbols and over the phone, she confirmed that the symbols do what they are supposed to do.