Making Your Dreams Come True

by William Lee Rand

We’ve all had dreams about things we’d like to do or experience at sometime in our lives. Some have accomplished their dreams or are in the process of doing so. Some are still dreaming and have not yet done very much to actualize their dreams. And others used to have dreams, but they have been forgotten; yet they still exist in the subconscious mind, hoping that a time will come when they will be remembered and acted on so they can come to life.

Dreams are easy to have; they feel light and happy and fun and lift us up. By focusing on them, they create hope and help us endure difficult situations. They feel this way because dreams come from the upper chakras where the energy is light, spacious and enjoyable. Many people have dreams, yet not everyone accomplishes them.

In order to accomplish our dreams we must focus on the energies of the lower chakras; it is through the lower chakras that we are able to accomplish things in the real world.

Think about this part of your body. In women, the ovaries and the womb are located in this area. Their purpose is to create a fetus and then nurture and protect it and provide the energy it needs to develop until it is ready to be independent and be born into the world. The ovaries and womb are able to fulfill this purpose because they makes use of the energies of the lower chakras. These same energies are also necessary to manifest our dreams.

In men the gonads are located in this area and are also empowered by the lower chakras. Their purpose isn’t just for sexual enjoyment and procreation. They are part of the endocrine system and provide the motivation necessary to get the job done; to create and accomplish goals.

The reason it can sometimes be difficult to manifest our dreams is that the lower chakras are also where we store much of our pain and fear and guilt. Because of this, the lower chakras can often feel uncomfortable and even be an area one has chosen to avoid. Efforts to fulfill our dreams can be frustrated and blocked by the decision to avoid unresolved distress in the lower chakras. The uncomfortable feelings down there can work through the subconscious mind to create distractions that make it difficult to stay on purpose.

Because of this unhealthy dynamic, some focus on their upper chakras exclusively as a way to avoid dealing with the issues in their lower chakras. People who do this are often filled with idealism, but have difficulty dealing with everyday life. They appear happy and have wonderful feelings toward others and seem to be floating on a cloud at times. Yet they are often late, make promises they don’t keep, are disorganized and unable to accurately predict their own behavior, and are usually unaware that they create difficulties for themselves and others.

In order to fulfill our dreams the lower chakras must be healthy and work with the upper chakras so a smooth flow of energy and activity can take place; inspiration coming in through the upper chakras and manifesting in the material world through the lower chakras.

Reiki provides a wonderful way to heal unresolved distress in the lower chakras and in so doing clear a pathway that will allow the accomplishment of your dreams. If you’ve felt frustrated in your attempt to accomplish your dreams or if you haven’t even had the energy or gumption to try, here’s a Reiki exercise that will help.

Keep in mind that the real purpose for you to be on earth is to manifest your dreams in the material world. To not manifest your dreams would be like signing up for a pottery class because you have something you’d like to make, but never getting your hands dirty; never working with the clay. You signed up, you’re here, and so you might as well jump in and get started.

Manifesting Your Dreams
Before starting this meditation, take a moment to formulate an affirmation that embodies the accomplishment of your dream. Here are a few examples: If your dream is to have a thriving Reiki practice, your affirmation might look like this: “I easily accomplish whatever is necessary to establish a thriving Reiki practice.” Or if your dream involves moving to a beautiful new home, your affirmation might be: “I easily accomplish whatever is necessary to own and live in the home of my dreams.”

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a chair or while lying in bed.
  • Draw any Reiki symbols you have and feel guided to use on your hands, or if your highest level is Reiki I, just rub your hands together.
  • Then placing your hands together in the Gassho position, say a prayer asking that the higher power, or God, or the source of Reiki or your own innate intelligence work with you to manifest the highest results.
  • Then place one hand on your solar plexus and one on the area below and allow Reiki to begin flowing.
  • As Reiki flows repeat this affirmation several times: I allow any issues that may be in my lower chakras to heal so that I easily manifest my dream.
  • Then state your dream affirmation over and over several times.
  • Continue to allow Reiki to flow. During this time it may simply feel good, or you may also feel issues coming up to be healed. You may also get ideas of what you need to do to accomplish your dream.
  • Take action on any ideas you get.
  • Continue to do this exercise everyday and to take action on accomplishing your dream. This may involve doing research, making plans and carrying them out.
  • Also note any uncomfortable feelings that may come up that oppose your dream. If this happens, send Reiki to these feelings, explore them, and think about what they mean. Then allow them to heal and dissipate. You may be guided to place your hands in other locations on your body or in your aura during this exercise.
  • At the same time, do not allow uncomfortable feelings to prevent you from carrying out your plans. Simply note they are there, send them Reiki and continue with your plans.
  • Continue with this process until you have realized your dream.