Reiki, Jesus and Eleanor's Healing

by White Feather

It all started with a broken gold chain that Eleanor’s husband brought into my store for repair. “How is Eleanor?” I asked, knowing that she had spent the last two years going through surgery to remove a tumor, radiation and chemotherapy (twice) after a radical mastectomy for breast cancer. “She’s not very well” he said sadly “ She’s home lying in bed, her right arm swollen to three times the size of the left, due to the surgery that removed 8 lymph nodes from her arm.” I ran to the phone, wanting to offer her words of encouragement. We agreed to do a long distance Reiki healing on her that night at 9:00. And so it began...

I was still standing at my alter praying, when I saw Jesus and my spirit guides enter the healing room that I visualized. I entered into a deep meditative state. I was at her head, my spirit guides surrounding her.  Jesus was standing to her right, holding her wrist very gently, as if not to hurt her.  He held her swollen right arm for a long time, laying it gently across her stomach when he finished.  I fell asleep knowing intuitively that the swelling would be gone in the morning. I awoke in the night and saw the team of spiritual guides still working on Eleanor. They had worked on her all night!

She called in the afternoon the next day.  “I was so afraid to call you today, for fear that you would be lying on the floor unconscious after what happened last night.” “What happened Eleanor?”, I asked. “Well, first my mind was drawn up into the universe, there were stars all around and then I saw sparkling rubies and diamonds. The color purple kept coming to me. I was surrounded by purple. Then I saw a brilliant white light. There were people working on me  and I saw Jesus. I felt my right arm being lifted as if by air, then somehow it was across my stomach, and I didn’t put it there. I felt like I needed to keep opening my mouth, because they were pulling these poisons from my toes, up through my body and out of my mouth.” “Guess what?” She said happily, “The swelling in my arm and ankles is gone and I am getting better. My husband says I look like a different person today.”.

We continued the Reiki treatments every night for a week. The second night I was very tired and fought to stay awake.  “Go to sleep, we will finish this.” I heard a voice say. They told me and showed me that I was a conduit, plugging Eleanor into the power source. Thank you God, I thought gratefully as I fell asleep. 

The most awesome moment came one night during Eleanor’s Reiki treatment. I felt Jesus’ presence near me. Then suddenly I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of love, centered in my heart chakra.  It radiated out through my arm into Eleanor’ body, as my hand reached over and gently touched her chin. I felt/heard Him say “Eleanor, my sweet and precious child.” I knew that it was His love that was healing her.

On the fifth night, while doing her treatment, I began to see myself giving her castor oil packs. I went to sleep and dreamed of this again. I awoke during the dream hearing a voice say “Give her the oil, give her the oil.”  I knew they wanted her to begin using castor oil packs. So she did begin using them, and told me that something inside of her changed after the very first time. She knew she was getting well. Reiki practitioners cannot prescribe, but I was also guided to suggest that she check into the healing power of Essiac tea

Later, I asked Eleanor what was so important about having that gold chain fixed. “You know, it’s the strangest thing, but I suddenly decided that I had to have that 22 year old chain fixed.”  “Eleanor... it was time for your healing to begin and that chain was what started it all.” I said.

Eleanor’s healing continues, she is getting stronger every day. During her radiation and chemotherapy treatments she was told by a nurse and her doctor that she was at stage -3 and that at stage -4, when the cancer enters the patient’s bones death is imminent. They told her that she probably wouldn’t survive the radiation treatments. She was given the most radical chemotherapy they had ever given at that hospital. The doctor told Eleanor that “Only God would save her now.” I think it did.

White Feather is a pen name for one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you White Feather for sharing this inspirational story.