Reiki Helps Woman Heal from MS

by Valerie J. Kostiw

I was personally afflicted with M.S. with a diagnosis in August of 1981. My symptoms included elastic bands of pain circling my body, weak heavy legs, impaired walking, no mobility upon rising, dropping things, blurred or double vision, severe mood swings, poor or no bladder control, back pain and swelling, impaired speech, pins and needle sensation throughout my body, and my symptoms were aggravated by heat.

I was helped a little by Vitamin E and Allbee with Vitamin C. ACTH treatments brought me out of severe attacks temporarily. Herbs and reflexology also helped.

I took reflexology and Reiki training. One year later I can walk again and I keep improving on the distance. At the start I was lucky if I could walk a block, and today I don't even think of distance or the temperature. I speak much clearer, I seldom stumble over my words anymore. I have no more double vision. I practice Reiki, reflexology and massage without worrying about the strength in my hands. Book and needle work are no longer a problem for my eyes. I am very active in alternative health work, taking classes as well as teaching.

As I have discovered, M.S. and Lupus are among the hardest diseases to treat, I feel fortunate to have had the determination to stick to the path I chose. I have worked with a couple of M.S. clients and found that when they start to make great progress, they decide to quit having the treatments of Reiki. As there is very little cooperation from the medical community in this area as yet, I have no encouragement from my doctors, but I will not quit working at it.

I personally feel that I am M.S. free, if I wasn't, I would not be mobile today because of the stress involved in my life at this present time. A few years ago I might not have been able to do anything in the same type of a situation. Reiki has helped me tremendously.