Reiki and Sound

by Crystal Wilk

I have worked with sound in my Reiki treatments for quite a while because I've found that sound carries Reiki to the client as strongly as the flow through my hands, and many people have reported a deeper and more healing experience. But, for reasons of sacredness I always had to tone or hum the symbol I used without actually saying its name. So when I studied Karuna Reiki and learned to chant and tone the Karuna symbols during healings I was very excited to experiment and learn new techniques.

Here is a treatment scenario that works very well for me. I keep it simple. If I'm working alone I might begin a regular treatment and then ask the client if they would like to be led into a healing meditation and receive Reiki toning. If they say yes, I take about five minutes and work down the body to relax it while I lead the client to a mentally relaxed state. I then go back to the head and remain there. I allow symbols to present themselves to my mind's eye, and then I tone several times or chant a short melody. Working to keep a continuous stream of sound I stay with the symbol until another takes its place in my mind's eye. My tones may vary in range, volume, or duration.

I've found myself chanting slowly or quickly, low and softly right next to a client’s ear, whispering, or nearly shouting in my effort to release the tone at its full volume. I've even found myself harmonizing with a piano practice taking place in the next room, where I had no idea what note was coming next.

During the treatment the client relaxes into a light sleep for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is when the Reiki toning really goes up in power, because the body has given full permission to be healed. Often clients do not realize that they have indeed slept during their treatment. I believe that this is because there is no break in their consciousness, even though the body sleeps. It is at this point while they sleep that the Reiki tones weave themselves around them. In my mind's eye I see the tones as delicate strands of gold that gently weave an open latticework around the client's body and aura, sealing in the healing energies for as long as they are needed. When the client comes out of their sleep I tone a few more minutes to complete the "cocoon", and then clear and seal the aura while I bring the client out of their healing meditation. They can rest for a few minutes if they wish, then I have them get up slowly and I ground them. The grounding also serves to tether the cocoon to them more efficiently. Every client for whom I've woven a cocoon has told me they can feel it around them, very unobtrusive, perhaps like a favorite blanket. For reasons of safety, if I give a toning treatment I have the client remain on their back because they are in an altered, meditative state.

The most exciting discovery came when I began working with more than one person, and now this is my preferred method.

Karuna Reiki® chanting in a harmony-discord pattern is a powerful and gentle way of releasing issues of all kinds. In harmony the energy quickly wraps itself around an issue or negative energy. In discord the misqualified energies are quickly lifted out. I got a confirmation of this from one client that I worked with as part of a pair. I remained at the head and began the meditation while Jeanette worked down the body. When the client slept we began a harmony-discord pattern and worked our way down the scales for about 3 or 4 minutes. Later our client told us he saw himself lying in a place filled with golden white light, and his guides were around him. He saw tiny stars of blue light rise quickly from beneath him, pass slowly through him and then dash away above him at great speed. This happened many times. He felt that these stars were carriers of some sort, taking away negative energy from him. When he asked his guides about this, he was told that they were indeed carrying away negative energy that he was releasing, and that he should allow it to continue. This took place during the harmony-discord phase of his toning treatment. He told me later he has undergone different types of healing that involve releasing old issues, but no other treatment was so gentle as Karuna Reiki® toning. After his Karuna treatment he was left with a feeling of euphoria that lasted for days. Spirit, and Reiki, can make use of all kinds of things for healing. After learning Karuna Reiki® and applying the chanting and toning techniques we learned, I have additional tools to assist me in my work.