Reiki Sea Salt Bath

by Roland Hasler

I am a psychologist-psychotherapist specialized in psychological dependency and live in Geneva, Switzerland.

I have been working with a healing bath using the Reiki symbols. This bath is perfect to center yourself, especially when under stress or pressure from others or from situations. It only takes 15 minutes to bring peace and quietness within yourself. It works for anxiety, depression, panic attack and other psychological complaints including psychological dependency, such as: drug-dependency and affective dependency (co-dependency).

Why does this Work?
The sea salt has the power to cleanse and purify. The Reiki symbols reinforcing this and raise the vibration as well as adding powerful healing energy. The Reiki energy also is attracted to the salt and thus this magnifies its power. The bath will harmonize your chakras and aura and will also cut you off from the source of any negative energy. The bath will also disconnect you from dependency and allow you to be connected to your own power and sense of self. This will make it much easier for you to understand the source of any issues or problems you are dealing with and help you to connect with the insight needed for you to heal. Like a spectator watching a movie of his/her own life, you'll come out of the bath with more self-confidence and awareness of yourself.

First take a quick shower without using soap. Then fill the bath tub with water. As the tub is filling, sit in the tub and add two kilos (4-5 lbs.) of sea salt (you must use the large grained sea salt and not the fine, it doesn't matter where it comes from, you can use the cheapest one as long it is sea salt!), sit in the bath tub until it is full (lukewarm water is fine). As the bath tub is filling, give yourself a light massage with the salty water all over the body and plunge your head under the water for a few seconds. When the bath is full stop the water and draw the Reiki symbols on top of the water as follows:

You must draw the symbols on top of the water by lightly touching the water and for each symbol say the appropriate mantra (name of the symbol) three times: master, power, Iava (Karuna), Shanti (Karuna), emotional/mental. At the end, use the power symbol again.

If you do not have the master or Karuna symbols, just use the symbols you know and it will work just fine.

Then relax and enjoy the bath for about 15 minutes (give yourself more massage and put your head under the water a few more times).

After 15 minutes, drain the water and take a shower without any soap, dry yourself and put on clean clothes.

You can take this bath at any time of the day.