Karuna Reiki® and the Evolving Human Subtle Energy System

by Laurelle Gaia

To better understand how Karuna Reiki® is able to create such powerful healing effects it is helpful to know a little about the transpersonal chakras that Karuna Reiki® can activate and permeate.

Because there are many resources that explain the basic chakra system, I will not address the 7 basic chakras. If you wish to read more about them I recommend Anodea Judith’s book, Wheels of Life.

In order for our body to be able to integrate the higher frequency healing rays that are being anchored on the planet at this time, our subtle energy system must be able to hold more light than it has in the past.

Chakra System

The activation of transpersonal chakras, such as the stellar gateway, soul star, causal chakra, etheric heart, earth star and Gaia gateway is vital. This is, in part, what Karuna Reiki® is doing for us. It is helping our transpersonal energy system become more fully activated. Please refer to the diagram for the positioning of these chakras.

The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. The soul star also facilitates access to our personal library within the akashic records.

The causal chakra is the center that accepts the “dosages” of light that the upper two chakras deliver, and it assists in higher activations of the crown, brow and throat chakras.

The ascending heart and sacred heart chakras house the essence of Universal Compassion and Universal Love. They create a triad via an etheric link with the heart chakra.

There is a holographic projection of the link between these three centers held in the subtle energy field. This hologram is known as the etheric heart. Its purpose is to facilitate communication via the language of light between our soul, the Universal Heart, and the Universal Mind.

Although the diagram depicts the etheric heart in what appears to be a fixed position in our subtle energy field, it is not stationary. We are dealing with a multidimensional light-form that is in constant motion; pulsing in and out of various layers and positions within our etheric field. 

When giving a Karuna Reiki® treatment, an awareness that both your energy system and the client’s are affected in the same way is helpful. As we are anchoring these higher frequencies, our energy bodies are able to speak to one another through the language of light. Through this interaction between practitioner and client, Karuna Reiki® receives the “information” that it needs.

Please keep in mind that it is not necessary to have an intellectual understanding of the transpersonal chakra system, or even the basic chakras in order to work with Karuna Reiki. I only give this brief explanation here because it seems to help us better understand how Karuna functions differently than many other healing rays. This can partially explain some of the phenomenal results we see so often with Karuna Reiki.

Remember, this energy knows exactly what to do in every situation, and it knows precisely how to do it. I find it a great honor to facilitate healing by simply being a vehicle for this infinitely wise, Divinely powerful, energy to flow through.

If you have an interest in exploring the transpersonal system from an experiential level I would recommend working with Karuna Reiki® and the following crystals/gemstones.

Kyanite (blue or green), white selenite, golden selenite, moldavite, peridot, tanzanite, kunzite, rose optical calcite, aquamarine, aqua aura, and rutilated topaz.

 Note: When working with crystals as indicated in this article, the intention is not to do bodywork on self or others.

The intention for the use of crystals as described here is to help the Karuna Reiki® practitioner develop a deeper understanding of the nature of Karuna energy and their evolving subtle energy system.

Crystal healing is an entire modality in itself and deserves serious and thorough study. 

If at anytime you feel lightheaded, scattered or disoriented while working with crystals it is wise to discontinue using them until you feel more grounded. The grounding and focusing techniques found in The Book on Karuna Reiki® may be helpful should this occur.

In the Light of the Creator We See Only Love

© copyright 2000 Laurelle Gaia reprinted with permission

Excerpt from The Book On Karuna Reiki®: Advanced Healing Energy for our Evolving World.

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