Reiki for Tax Time

by Karen Harrison,
Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki for Tax TimeDo you dislike preparing your taxes? I admit it. I would rather clean my toilets than spend time getting together all the documents and information to give to my accountant. Anticipating working on taxes turns out to be as painful for me as actually doing the arduous chore. It feels like wasted time. Thankfully, Reiki can help.

Reiki helps us to solve challenges in our daily lives. Because of giving myself Reiki every morning and quieting my mind, I saw a way to make the tax preparation time more manageable. The task for me as a small business owner seemed like it required about 40 hours to put together all the information. Reiki gave me the idea to break up the project into small chunks. I made a list of each of the tasks I would need to complete. As I finished them, I kept track of how much time each task took and created some notes about how I did that step so it would be quicker next year. Soon, I had a list of tasks that ranged from two hours down to five minutes each.

The tasks add up to less than seven hours from start to finish. The most time-consuming part is collecting information to deduct the portion of my home office from my home. I saved the document. Now when I go to prepare my taxes, I pull up the document and start on the things that are quickest and easiest. Seeing so many items checked off is motivating and inspires me to want to complete the task.

When I first began in business, I hired an accountant to set up QuickBooks for me and train me in how to use it. For a few years, I made all the entries myself. As my business grew, I decided to hire someone to come monthly and enter all the data. Doing so allowed me to spend more time doing what only I could do and freed up energy that I was expending doing something I did not particularly enjoy. A year later, I realize I would never have been able to grow to the size of my current business without that help and support. Having all the data entered and up to date also makes tax preparation manageable. Over the years I have talked to other Reiki business owners who would have to spend hours organizing all the data from the prior year to give to their accountant. Reiki inspired me with one of my secrets to success. As my finances allowed, I hired others to do increasingly more, freeing myself to concentrate on giving Reiki, writing about Reiki, and teaching Reiki classes.

Sitting down to write out the checks and the estimated payments is another opportunity to utilize Reiki to calm the feelings of dread and thoughts that I am giving away all my earnings. When I activate Reiki and then write out the checks, I can shift my mind to a sense of gratitude that I earned enough to be able to contribute to the government.

Finally, a most obvious thing to do is to send Reiki to your tax preparation time. With Reiki, something that was difficult can seem much more manageable. It reminds me of the song, “Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Reiki is the sugar that helps to make tax preparation palatable.