Reiki of the Universe

by William Lee Rand

Does Reiki have a connection to the Universe? When we think of the vastness of the Universe — the seemingly unlimited number of stars and galaxies and worlds, the creative processes taking place, the tremendous distances, the billions of years it has existed, and the unknown mysteries it must contain — we are awestruck. The wonder of the Universe goes far beyond our ability to comprehend.

And yet, when we contemplate the wonder of ourselves and the fact that the Universe is mirrored in our own minds, there is a feeling that the Universe exists within us as well.

When we think of the creative power that manifested the Universe and all of life, which in turn has lead to our own existence, we can begin to appreciate how completely we are a part of the Universe and all of its forces, both known and unknown.

In the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei (Dr. Usui's Reiki handbook), Dr. Usui states: "...Reiki Ryoho is an original therapy which is built upon the spiritual power of the Universe." We can ask, what is the spiritual power of the Universe that he is speaking of, and what allows us to have access to it? In what way are we connected to this power?

We Are Star Dust
We know from astrophysics that the elements that are used to create our physical bodies were formed in stars. The elements up to iron were formed inside stars, and those more complex than iron were formed within the intense heat and pressure that occurred when the star exploded. The flash of light created by such an explosion, called a supernova, was so great that it shone brighter than the star's entire galaxy. At the same time, all the star's elements were blown into interstellar space. There they drifted for billions of years, and finally some of them formed the planet we call earth. Later, some of these same elements came together to form the physical body that you are dwelling within right now! Think about this. The elements that make up the bones, tissues, and blood of your body had their origin in an exploding star! Take a moment to look at your hands and think about your body and contemplate your connection to the Universe...

...In the same way that all the elements of life were created in an exploding star and streamed out into the Universe to create life, so too does the spiritual energy of the Universe come streaming out of our hands when we give Reiki, and it too contains all the elements of life. The Universe resides within us, and we bring forth its potential and help it move more quickly toward its goal when we allow Reiki to flow through us. As Reiki practitioners, we are helping the Universe fulfill its purpose.

This is an excerpt from an article in the Spring 2003 issue of Reiki News Magazine.