Using Reiki to See Auras and Past Lives

by William Lee Rand

I’ve been using gyoshi ho to see auras and past lives and have also been showing my students how to do this. The technique of gyoshi ho is described in another article titled, The Look of Love.

To use gyoshi ho to see auras or past lives, follow these steps:

  1. Sit with a partner about 6—10 feet apart.
  2. Have your partner close their eyes and relax with their hands palms up on their legs.
  3. Place Reiki symbols on your hands if you have them and place your hands on your legs and begin giving yourself Reiki.
  4. After a few minutes, begin staring at your partner with a soft gaze and relaxed eyes.
  5. Think of your eyes and think of Reiki and intend that Reiki flow to your partner through your eyes.
  6. As you do this, you'll likely go into a light trance state. Allow this to happen.
  7. As you continue to stare, you will likely begin to see changes happen around your partners face. It may begin to appear that a fog or mist is forming around the face or that a darkening is taking place which could build till you can't see the face at all. When this happens, don't allow it to startle you, but just continue to stare.
  8. As you continue, the fog or dark mist will clear and you'll likely see your partner with a different appearance. This is likely how they looked in a past life.
  9. You may also begin to see a white mist around the head or you could begin to see colors. This is the aura.
  10. You many also see the image of another person or a light being next to your partner. This could also be how they appeared in a past life or it could be one of their spirit guides.

This really works and many get positive results the first time they try, but practice is needed to develop skill. This is a very healthy technique as both people will receive a healing. I highly recommend you try it.

This technique is featured in a new DVD I’ve produced as part of a project called The Reiki Touch with a company called Sounds True. The kit contains a workbook, DVD, 2 CDs containing guided meditations and music to do Reiki to, and a deck of Reiki cards.