The Greatest Healing The World Has Known

by William Lee Rand

As the population of the earth increases and the uses of technology continues to improve and grow, powerful changes are happening so quickly throughout the world that it often becomes mind boggling trying to understand it all. It is important for us to step back and evaluate all the implications.

Distance is no longer a barrier. We are traveling more, and our developing communication technologies including satellite TV, internet sites and e-mail allow ever greater numbers of users access to all the diversity of people and ideas that the world has to offer. More individuals have greater access to information and they are exchanging it with larger groups of people around the world. This is stimulating creativity and openness worldwide and having a profound effect on people's attitudes, values and beliefs. As more understanding and knowledge is shared, many people are becoming dissatisfied with their current state and are seeking change. Others are gaining power to decide their own fate and to create the kind of life they prefer. 

Good Things are Happening
The break up of the Soviet Union is one example of the effect that modern communication systems are having upon the world. Satellite television broadcasts by CNN, permitted under Glasnost, allowed the Soviet people to discover how affluent Westerners were in comparison to them. This fostered greater discontent with their government, and the people demanded change.

The unexpected by-product of instantaneous, global communications has been a safer world. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USSR and the United States had thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at each other. Other sites around the world were targeted as well. A misjudgment, a short temper or a computer glitch could have reaped total worldwide destruction in a matter of hours. Many of us grew up with this nightmare in the back of our minds. The fear of nuclear annihilation undermined our plans and skewed our trust in the future. With the threat of nuclear holocaust greatly reduced, large numbers of people are convinced that their efforts to make the world a better place will have lasting value.

The world has changed in other ways. In the recent past, the major superpowers of the world either started wars with each other or helped smaller countries to initiate and wage wars. Now only the smaller countries instigate war, with the major countries playing the role of peacemakers.

These effects seem to be influencing a greater momentum toward peace in the world. After decades of violence, the recent peace settlement in Northern Ireland is a sign that this is taking place. Also encouraging is the fact that Israel and Palestine have not given up on their peace process.

The end of the cold war and the resurgent feeling of more safety and trust in the world are thought to be at least partially responsible for the steady growth of the stock market. Economic development, safer water and sanitation and improved health services have caused stunning improvements in the health of people worldwide. The World Health Organization reports that average global life expectancy has gone up from 48 years in 1955 to 66 years currently and should continue to climb to 73 years by 2025. This, of course, brings new sets of problems. However, it also generates its own solutions. As people live longer, they will be more concerned about long range solutions for our environmental problems rather than short term fixes. We can expect better care of the planet and a healthier environment as a result. 

Interest in Spirituality Increasing
As technology continues to develop and increase in use, human needs are still going unfulfilled. We are becoming aware that technology cannot solve every problem. People are realizing that the most important solutions lie within! To maintain balance in a highly technological world, people are seeking out ways to express and nurture more of their own inner, personal selves. Interest in spiritual things, including Reiki and other forms of energy work, is increasing worldwide. (See "Reiki In Hospitals" Reiki News, Winter, 1997.) It appears that we are moving toward a world where our drive for technological development will be balanced by our need for spiritual wholeness.

"Our drive for technological development will be balanced by our need for spiritual wholeness."

Improvements in communication also bring the possibility for quickened spiritual growth. In the past, a person was lucky to even hear about a spiritual teacher. Now the motivated seeker can easily learn about and meet any number of spiritual teachers and choose from a large number of possible paths and schools. This greater range of choice allows the aspiring devotee to find a spiritual path that is more in harmony with their life style and temperament. The mutual support and synergistic effect many schools of spiritual development have on each other creates a stimulating environment and an enriched experience for anyone involved in personal development. 

Earth Changes Not Likely
It is becoming less likely that global earthquakes, polar axis shifts and the dramatic changing of oceans and continents will produce catastrophic Earth changes. The time for many of these prophesied world disasters has already passed. Edgar Cayce who had a remarkable ability for clairvoyantly diagnosing illness and prescribing cures made several predictions for world disaster. Until recently, his prophesies were the main scenarios for proponents of cataclysmic Earth changes. Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise in 1966 or 67. This never happened. Even 30 years later, there is still no sign that the lost continent of Atlantis is emerging and the Cayce Foundation has taken a stance that the Earth changes scenario is not likely to take place as anticipated.

Destructive earth changes were predicted by Nostradamus as well. While many of his predictions have come true, they seem to have stopped taking place since just before the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. For example, he predicted worldwide drought and famine in "...the year of the [Halley's] comet." People would be so hungry they would eat each other. Millions would die worldwide. It would be one of the most horrible disasters the Earth has ever known. Halley's comet appeared in 1986. There was drought and famine in Ethiopia that year, but no global disaster. Nostradamus also foresaw a horrible earthquake and volcanic eruption with widespread death and destruction in California in May of 1988. This never happened either. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their policy concerning the end times. After previously predicting the end of the world several times, they are no longer expecting the final judgment any time soon.

We create our own reality. This is true on an individual level as well as on a global level. The primary mechanism that causes this to happen is our state of consciousness; how healthy our attitudes, values and beliefs are about ourselves and the world around us.

The danger of destructive Earth changes has passed. This has happened, I believe, because of the widespread use of Reiki and all the other healing energies and prayers that have been sent to the world. The grace of God has come into play to effect positive change and reduce suffering. The result has been a healing of the global consciousness to the extent that the physical destruction of the Earth is no longer a possibility. The destructive Earth changes prophesies would have taken place had the global mind set remained the same as when the prophesies were given.

Look for future Earth change prophecies to be more positive, relating to a massive and positive change in the way the world is organized and in our concepts about the world and ourselves! 

A Transformed World
When we review the events that have taken place this century, especially in the last decade, it is clear that the fear, competition, greed, separateness, ego and power which largely motivated our world is being transformed by love, cooperation, compassion, wholeness, trust and helpfulness. This expansion of consciousness is indicated by the improvements in the health and longevity of the people of the world, the increasing interest in the spiritual side of life and the other major changes toward peace indicated above. As these positive changes continue to occur and accelerate, the quality of global consciousness will continue to rise. Many people think we are rapidly moving toward a phase transition in consciousness. They believe that the increasing communication between people worldwide is creating an ever expanding field of global awareness, and a point will be reached where world consciousness will suddenly shift to a completely new state. Examples of the phase transition effect are present in many things. When water rises in temperature, it remains liquid until it reaches 212 degrees F. Then a sudden change occurs. Water transforms into a more expanded and mobile state. It becomes steam.

The same may be happening to the global state of consciousness. As the current trend continues and people move toward a greater expression of spiritual values, we could suddenly experience a phase transition in consciousness where the whole population of the planet becomes enlightened all at once! I believe this is coming and the time will soon arrive when all countries and religions will value and respect each other. Many religions and spiritual paths point to an event like this in the near future.

"A glorious life on earth with the deepest levels of happiness will be constantly experienced."

This will be a world where the underlying motivation of all people is love, and peace is constantly present. The understanding that all things on earth are connected and effect each other will be wisely considered before decisions are made. The well-being of all people will be the most important goal. The global population will stabilize at a sustainable level with everyone healthy and leading productive, satisfying lives. A glorious life on Earth with the deepest levels of happiness will be constantly experienced. 

Change Causes Suffering
Major changes, even positive ones can bring about difficulties, confusion and suffering. As people, organizations, religions, and political systems adjust to new conditions, they are required to think and do things they have never done before. Sometimes the new ways go directly against cherished beliefs or religious convictions. When old structures disappear, or go through radical adjustment, unexpected crises take place. For many, this makes change very difficult. The stress and suffering that takes place when one is adjusting to a new positive state is called a "healing crisis." This applies to individuals as well as to the planet as a whole. Most of the suffering in the world today is really part of a healing crisis. For example, ethnic tensions have always been present in Bosnia, but they were prevented expression by the Soviet Union. When it dissolved, the ethnic groups were free to vent their anger and hate toward each other with horrible suffering for all. Their suffering is a great lesson for everyone. On the positive side, the major countries of the world acted to halt the bloodshed in Bosnia rather than taking sides and promoting violence as they have done in the past.

Improvements in the world economy also made the Asian monetary crisis possible. It too, has caused suffering and confusion. Yet, when it happened, countries around the world formulated a bailout plan and made billions of dollars available to solve the problem. The world is acting on the concept that mutual cooperation between countries is an important element in the success of our global economy. We are moving toward a world where in order for any one country to experience health and well-being, all countries must experience health and well-being.

Another example of improved technology and its availability producing a crisis is the nuclear testing in India and the aggressive response from Pakistan. This brings up the specter of nuclear nightmares of the past. Hopefully, those new countries who develop nuclear weapons will have the wisdom not to use them. Otherwise, a new danger - the possibility of limited nuclear war fought by third world counties - looms ahead. The tension around this issue is likely to effect how people think and the decisions they make.

Other dangers exist in our changing world. The threat of terrorists using biological, chemical or nuclear weapons, the outbreak of global epidemic's, even the possibility of comets or asteroids striking the Earth are likely to develop, as well as other dangers not yet foreseen.

The inner connectedness of all things is one of the important lessons being learned now. We are becoming conscious that our inner thoughts as well as our outer actions have an effect upon others worldwide. The healthier each group of people is, the better it is for all. 

Reiki Can Help the Process
As the number of Reiki people increase in a room, the strength of each person's Reiki also increases. In a similar way, as the number of Reiki practitioners grow throughout the planet, the healing energy coming from each person will greatly increase. At least one million Reiki practitioners are presently in the world. There is no question that this has helped bring about much of the new peace and cooperation. In the next five years, the number of Reiki practitioners could easily increase to over ten million. The potential for Reiki to heal the world is becoming greater all the time!

Reiki can be sent at a distance. This allows all of us to send Reiki to world crisis situations as soon as we hear about them. As more people do this, suffering is reduced. Note: The global healing section on our website has a list of world crisis situations. You can help by sending Reiki to them. Also, the World Peace Crystal Grid placed at the magnetic North Pole and featured in the Summer, 97 issue of the Reiki News can by used to send healing energy to the Earth.

Reiki is an ideal tool to ease suffering as the world goes through its healing crises. Reiki's miracle working power transforms the fear of change into trust and love. Reiki greatly reduces discomfort and helps people open their hearts to compassionate actions. Reiki comes from the spiritual world where unity in all things is a reality. It also understands the aspects of any problem or difficulty and knows all the resources and solutions which are available. Because of this, Reiki can easily guide the world into harmony and productive cooperation. When we are confused and afraid, Reiki guides us into positive solutions. It's amazing! Reiki works in conjunction with all other forms of healing, guidance and help. Its gentle power is loving and kind. It actually possesses all the qualities the world needs for the coming New Age of peace and prosperity. Qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, justice, cooperation, humility, persistence, kindness, courage, strength and abundance are contained in Reiki energy and inspires and develops these qualities in those it treats.

The world is transforming. A New Age of peace is coming. By sending Reiki to speed the process, we quicken the pace of change and reduce suffering. As we direct our loving Reiki energy toward helping the world transform, we quicken our own transformation as well. Reiki is simple and easy to use. Let us keep upper most in our minds the tremendous good Reiki can have locally and globally. Be willing to send Reiki whenever you feel guided. By doing this, know that you are helping bring about the greatest healing the world has ever known.

May we all be united in love as we proceed into the next millennium.