Reiki Questions and Answers

by William Lee Rand

Q. How long should I stay in each hand position?
A. Some teach a method of staying exactly the same period of time in each hand position. As an example, this time is often said to be 3 minutes and there are Reiki session CDs that contain music with a gong or tone that sounds every 3 minutes to let the practitioner know when to move the hands. However, this method doesn’t take into consideration that the client may need more Reiki in some areas than in others. In fact, this is almost always the case. And when a person comes with a specific condition, then it is appropriate to treat the areas relating to the condition longer. One way to know how long to stay in one position is to pay attention to the flow of Reiki. If an area needs more Reiki, then usually more Reiki will begin flowing in that area and this is something you can usually feel. If you feel more Reiki flowing in a hand position, then leave your hands in that position longer. As you feel the flow subsiding, then you’ll know it’s time to move your hands. Another rule of thumb is to stay in each position a minimum of 3 minutes as it sometimes takes this long for the energy to reach the flow rate needed. If after 3 minutes, the flow is not strong, then move to the next position. However, if a lot of Reiki is flowing, then stay longer, up to 10 minutes or more. But be careful not to stay too long as this could prevent you from completing the treatment in the time you have available. If Reiki is still flowing strongly when you change positions, you can come back to this position at the end of the treatment if you have extra time.

Q. Do distant attunements work?
A. This question is not to be confused with distant treatments. Reiki can be sent at a distance using the distant symbol to give a treatment and this is a standard part of the Usui system of Reiki and was practiced by Usui Sensei.  However, the use of distant attunements was not something I practiced when I first began teaching Reiki classes.

However, right from the beginning I did receive guidance in the development of my Reiki practice and in how I was teaching.  This guidance came directly from the Reiki energy.  As an example, in my first Reiki class that took place in 1981 on the Big Island of Hawaii, after receiving the attunements, I went for a walk by myself. During this walk, the Reiki energy spoke to me and said, “This energy can be developed.”  Because of this message and also based on the teaching of a Kahuna I had worked with; I was inspired to always be looking for ways to enhance the energy I was able to channel.  The Kahuna I worked with also recommended that I find someone to get guidance and inspiration from in addition to what I received directly.  

At first, I received guidance from the Kahuna, and after that I was guided to work with a succession of exceptional clairvoyant healers who channeled high level beings such as Jesus, Sai Baba, the Holy Spirit and eventually the Brothers and Sisters of the Light who are the founders of all the worlds religions and spiritual paths.  During these sessions I received healing and regular upgrades for my Reiki energy including the attunements I give in my Reiki classes. 

This process first lead to Usui/Tibetan Reiki, then Karuna Reiki®, and eventually Usui/Holy Fire Reiki®. When the Corona virus came along and began to interfere with in-person Reiki classes at the beginning of 2020, I had a special session with Colleen Benelli who was channeling Jesus.  In this session I was given an upgrade Ignition to enable me to teach Reiki classes online.  When we tried it, it worked really well and all those who took the Master level of this class were also able to teach online. In addition, the energy students received was reported to be even stronger and more effective than what had previously been received with in-person classes.  I would never have thought to attempt this, but the limitations of the Corona virus created the need and Jesus and the Brothers and Sisters of the Light provided the solution.  

In addition, I have also learned through the research of Robert Fueston that Takata Sensei did distant teaching over the phone when in-person classes were not possible and that these classes included distant attunements. Therefore, this idea is not new and was practiced by one of the original teachers of Usui Reiki. To read more about Holy Fire® Reiki, click here.

Q. Can Reiki be taught to children?
A. Yes, children have a natural understanding of Reiki and are often eager to learn. In deciding if a child is old enough and is ready to take a Reiki class, it’s important to teach only to those children who understand what Reiki is and have expressed an interest in learning Reiki on their own. A beginning class works better if it is attended by one of the child’s parents. The class information needs to be kept simple and each lesson should not be too long as children have a short attention span. Children are often very sensitive to Reiki energy and many can see the aura and even see and feel Reiki energy. These abilities need to be nurtured and treated in very positive ways. One thing that can be done in this respect is to have the child draw and color what they think Reiki looks like or to draw the colors of energy they see or think they see or feel round other people in the class or that represent the kind of feelings and energies those people have. Another fun technique is to have the child give Reiki to a flower or a tree or to a pet. We’ve had articles on this subject in previous issues of the Reiki News Magazine. For more information, go to "Teaching Reiki to Children".