Reiki Helps Heal Cervical Dysplasia

by Frank Adams

I am a Reiki II practitioner in Sierra Vista, AZ. I work for the Department of the Army as an Education Specialist. My use of Reiki is with friends on an as requested basis.

I was asked to help Molly, a young woman who, for two years, had experienced seer dysplasia of the cervix, which was benign. I was asked to do distance Reiki prior to Molly’s medical examination on October 9.

I began on Monday, October 6. I first did the prayer of intent, to invoke the Reiki energy for the highest good. Next I used the Chanting Reiki Masters tape, and the male antahkarana symbol in my work space. I started the healing by directing the energy over the area of concern and asking that it be infused into all levels as needed.

On Wednesday, I added an orange lighting effect, as it relates to the area of the second chakra. I also sent Reiki to the day of the exam for the environment to be healing. Later I was told that the medical office had postponed the appointment until the 28th. Molly had never had an appointment rescheduled before and we wonder if perhaps the Reiki energy was creating more healing time for us to work.

I continued to send the healing with the orange light until the day before the exam. Molly did not take any medication for this condition. She only took vitamins.

Molly experienced less stress during this time, and was more relaxed prior to her appointment.

On the day of the appointment, both the visual exam and the lab tests were negative. Everything was back to normal. The doctor even did some additional tests to make sure all was normal.

The intention of these sessions were that the healing be done for Molly’s highest good on all levels. Reiki is a powerful energy, and I am blessed to be able to share it with my friends.