A Doctor Uses Reiki

by Dr. R. B. Paty; Chief Medical Officer

I am a medical doctor and have been in practice for 28 years. I have come across many patients who are not able to be cured by any of our conventional methods.

Before learning Reiki, I suffered with migraine headaches for 20 years, specifically I would get them on the day of my fast. After becoming a Reiki practitioner, my migraines have disappeared for the last four years.

A couple who are my patients, ages 70 and 62 had good results with Reiki. He would begin his mornings with alcoholic drinks and his wife had severe arthritis. She was unable to sit on the floor and had very limited mobility for 25 years. I began to give them Reiki as part of their treatment. They have both become Reiki and Karuna Reiki® practitioners, and the husband no longer has the desire for alcohol. The wife is more comfortable and has greater mobility.

Another patient, an officer in my organization had been diagnosed with mental illness. He was receiving psychiatric treatment. After receiving regular Reiki treatments, and still under psychiatric supervision, he was gradually able to stop his medications. He is now a popular Reiki practitioner and is healing many patients.

These are just a few brief stories of our use of Reiki here in India that I wanted to share with you.

* Editors note. We do not recommend that patients change or stop their medication without the supervision of a qualified doctor. If Reiki is used in the treatment of any medical or psychiatric condition, we recommend that a patient inform the doctor and ask the doctor to supervise any change in medication.